How to make a birthday snack, instructions for use

How to make a birthday snack, instructions for use

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To not disappoint your toddler on D-Day of his birthday party, we put everything on the snack. Because a magic four hour is not to be forgotten anytime soon! Our advice to make a success of this bet on which you have set the bar very high.

2: surround yourself with super festive household appliances

Goal ### Imagine the eyes of the guests if you offer them to eat popcorn or cotton candy! Here's how to make a birthday party funnier than a home theater night or a funfair outing. So, what are we waiting for to surround ourselves with adequate small household appliances?

3: equip yourself with cookie cutters to split the playful effect of the snack

Ikéa ### Who says taste of children says playful atmosphere! Nothing like cookie cutters with poetic or funny shapes to bring fantasy to the table! Quickly, we team up and we devote ourselves to the preparation of small shortbread…

4: involve your little wolf in the preparation of the snack

Ikéa ### The star of the birthday party, it's him! So why not involve your little one in its success? In the company of mom or dad, it is with a smile that he should put his hand in the dough and be able to proudly announce to the comrades that the cake, he is the author!

5: transform the chocolate cake into a work of art

Ikea ### No question that his chocolate cake is that of everyone! With a little icing sugar, whipped cream, smarties or nuggets of colors, it's easy to personalize it and make it a real work of art…

6: concoct mini sweets in addition to the cake

Ikéa ### What is better than a cake? A cake plus a series of cupcakes! We therefore do not hesitate to see the big taste by completing the chocolate cake with a series of sweets in small formats. Shortbread, macaroons, muffins, anything goes!

7: stage the sweets on a high tray

Ikéa ### Once the kitchen transfer is completed, we move on to the staging. First, we say yes to the high shelves to give height to the sweets!

8: continue staging with a cake display

Maisons du Monde ### Second choice accessory for staging: the cake stand! It's trendy, it's chic and it makes you want…

9: complete with salty appetizers to satisfy all tastes

Ikéa ### Even at a top snack, there is always someone who does not like cakes. Remember to complete the table with a few salty appetizers so that all the guests are satisfied.

10: finally, set the table!

Ikea ### Everything is ready, or almost. Missing the final step: setting the table! You have the pretty plates, the enticing scenes, a few candies scattered here and there and some color… In a few hours, the snack should be a sensation!