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Zoom on the "canapes" collection at But

Zoom on the "canapes" collection at But

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It was your back-to-school goal and yet, you still haven't found THE sofa? Here is for you, an inspiration book, between novelties, comfort bias and favorites signed by But.

Feminine click-clack

Goal ### The ideal companion for teen rooms, studios and small spaces, this padded sofa bed in a pretty plum color seems to be intended for the fairer sex. Yes ladies!

Chic and convertible sofa

Goal ### In the convertible saga, we also remember this new sofa whose padded style and anthracite gray color reveals a rare chic.

Charming sofa

But ### Already present last year in the But offer, this old pink linen sofa enchants us with the softness and the crazy charm it gives off.

Total design sofa

Goal ### Lovers of chic sofas, it's here! Make way for a brand new item, black in leather, with sleek, designer lines. All that should make you crack!

Supreme comfort corner sofa

Goal ### Thanks to its left angle on which you can fully extend your legs, this brand new creamy white sofa is oriented in the "total comfort" range. Or how to satisfy our needs for relaxation and laziness…

Braided kubu sofa

Goal ### Our growing desire for exoticism in the fall could end up with a braided kubu sofa. Blow of heart for this one!

Soft sofa

Goal ### Cocooning is in the spotlight with this new supremely soft and enveloping sofa. Nothing like relaxing at home!