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Color settles comfortably in the garden

Color settles comfortably in the garden

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Attract the glances on your green setting by betting on the color. Recipe ? Furniture, accessories, fabrics are colored red, pink, orange, blue or green. A decorative asset that brings out the green of nature! The proof by 10…

Colorful stripes to illuminate the garden

Tissage de Luz Stripes are a celebration in the garden. Thin, broad, multicolored whatever. The important thing is to adopt them.

A grass green mattress to rest

Fly The trend is for the mattress to relax. A decorative novelty that is consumed in color.

A colorful door step

Maisons du monde A small purple table, a few turquoise blue and green chairs, here you are with a pretty terrace, ready to enjoy the sun.

Color settles comfortably in the garden

Truffaut A colorful garden furniture The boundaries between inside and outside are falling. So take advantage and treat yourself to the colorful living room that you coveted so much!

A vitamin cocktail for the garden

Ikea Blood orange, lemon yellow or grapefruit rose are essential in the garden with the fabrics. Cushions, deckchairs, beach mats, towels, umbrellas take on a pretty warm color that energizes the garden.

Colorful furniture brings out the green of nature

Maisons du monde When the green of nature combines with color, you bring a dose of sparkle to the garden that will delight him.

An air of fifties in the garden

Maisons du monde The fifty trend stands out in the home. But beware, she goes outside and she also invades the garden.

The seaside wakes up in blue and red

Maisons du monde The seaside style is free from traditional blue and white. He becomes emancipated and adopts red to stand out.

Even the terrace awakens with colors

Alinea Take the terrace out of her torpor and offer her red. A real decorative bias for a very Arty makeover.