Small offices for small spaces

Small offices for small spaces

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We are not all fortunate to have an entire room available for the installation of a workspace. Most of us, however, need to be able to set up a desk in our home. Arrange a small office area in a corner of your apartment is quite possible, and the furniture brands compete with original ideas. Proof by 30.

Small and baroque

Le Grenier de Juliette Add a touch of baroque to your interior with this small desk with slightly curved legs. Beautifully weathered, this small desk offers many storage drawers. Baroque cream desk, € 505.60 at Le Grenier de Juliette

Scandi influences at But

PURPOSE The black legs of this desk are combined with a nice oak imitation worktop. A very soft price for a piece of furniture with Scandinavian influences. ALEX desk, € 114.69 at But


IKEA Add color and modernity to your interior by opting for this little designer and orange secretary desk. Secretary PS 2014, € 219 at Ikea

Country chic

House Bay / Delamaison This pretty weathered wooden secretary will add a nice country chic touch to your interior. Secretary Ouessant of House Bay, € 369 at Delamaison

For those who work standing up

IKEA For the impatient, the restless or those who can't stand sitting too long, here is an original solution: a standing desk. In birch wood, the Knotten model from Ikea also has the advantage of occupying very little space. KNOTTEN standing desk, € 119 at Ikea

A small romantic office

Maisons du Monde Here is the ideal office for lovers of romantic decoration. The small Camille desk from Maisons du Monde is part of this trend with its beautiful patinated light wood and tender details. We especially like the little hearts that adorn the drawers. Secretary desk Camille, € 129.90 at Maisons du Monde

A wall desk

Müller Möbelwerkstätten Real electronic furniture, this wall desk is discreet and allows you to connect all your devices discreetly. Müller Möbelwerkstätten wall desk, € 1,298 at

Color block

Alinéa With its yellow drawers, this small desk is both part of the Scandinavian trend and that of the color block. A must have. Yellow colorblock desk, € 159 at Alinéa

Bet on simplicity

AM.PM Bet on simplicity with this beautiful desk signed AM.PM. Its sleek design and beautiful petrol blue color will make it a real decorative asset in your home. Secretary Enzo AM.PM, € 819 on

Microwave Office

Achat Design / Volga Designed to accommodate a laptop, this wood and white desk is perfect for Sunday workers. Volga small office, on

Asymmetrical scandi

3 Suisses The asymmetrical storage compartments give this desk with Scandinavian influences a 50's spirit and a certain originality. Perfect for those who want to stand out in their decoration while following the trend. "Emil" secretary desk, € 169 at the 3 Swiss

A wall secretary

Hartô The small Gaston wall desk is the perfect ally for small spaces! With its four drawers and its folding shelf, it offers good storage space but above all a beautiful work surface. Fixed in a room, it is perfect! Gaston wall secretary, € 569 at Hartô {rel = "nofollow"}

A modular office

Alinéa Saving space and aesthetics for this desk with shelf and sliding top. When you no longer need the desk to work, all you have to do is slide it under the storage. Thus arranged, this small piece of furniture even looks like a bookcase. Modular desk with shelves and drawers, € 299 at Alinéa {rel = "nofollow"}

A peaceful corner

Ikea Installed opposite the French window in the living room, this small blond wooden desk with a Scandinavian look blends perfectly with the rest of the room with its soft atmosphere. Lisabo desk, € 149 at Ikea {rel = "nofollow"}

In an alcove

Maisons du Monde You do not know what to do with this alcove located in one of the corridors of your house ... What if you simply put a small desk in it to have a corner to sort your papers or simply use your laptop? Secretary desk in stained solid teak, € 299.90 at Maisons du Monde {rel = "nofollow"}

With a storage locker

BoConcept Like the old school desks, this small desk benefits from a lifting tray which reveals a storage locker. Notebooks, supplies and other cables can be placed there! As for its small size, it allows it to find its place in the room of your choice without risking to interfere. Cupertino desk, € 689 at BoConcept

A flap wall desk

Calligaris In a small hallway or under a staircase, this desk with foldable rectangular tray can be fixed to the wall simply using suitable dowels and fixings. The plus: once the table is folded down, the 6 storage compartments remain visible and accessible. Wall table with flap, 349 euros € Calligaris {rel = "nofollow"}

Simplicity of lines

Delamaison Reduced prices and mini size are the two main qualities of this desk with simple lines and soft colors. We imagine it perfectly in a small child's or teenager's room. Wooden desk with drawer and sliding shelf, € 69 at Delamaison

Decorative and functional

Camif Favorite for this wall desk with graphic design and trendy colors. In an entry, living room or bedroom, you will love it! Latitude wall desk, € 1,179 at Camif