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Fall: choose the right colors for the walls

Fall: choose the right colors for the walls

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To switch to fall mode, your decor needs to get rid of its summer colors in favor of softer tones that will make the house warmer. For this fall, we have selected 10 colors from which you can pick for the decoration of your walls. Follow the guide.

White as a safe bet

Alinéa Conversely, if you want your interior to remain very bright despite the time change and the clouds, you can bet on white. It is a safe bet that is very trendy for winter too. To warm the whole, then opt for curtains in dark tones.

Yellow energizes the living room

Dulux Valentine To evoke the leaves of autumn in your decoration, you can bet on yellow. Avoid overly bright tones and prefer a more mustard color to gently energize your interior. With gray, the association will be a winner!

Mole for a little sweetness

La Redoute The mole is always a recipe in our interiors. We particularly appreciate it for its softness and its neutrality which makes it possible to associate it with almost all the colors and thus to vary the decorative objects according to the seasons.

Dark blue dresses the walls

Aviva For walls that take depth and make the room warm, we put on blue in a very dark tone unlike summer where we prefer turquoise blue for its refreshing effect.

Gray for a timeless interior

La Redoute The new trendy decoration color is gray! Soft color, it is above all timeless and adapts to all styles. To make the house a real cocoon, we will use a mouse gray shade this fall.

Chocolate brown

La Redoute So that the walls envelop the room in a delicious color, we turn to chocolate and its very warm brown! With natural colors like beige, it creates a soft and reassuring atmosphere that we particularly appreciate when temperatures drop.

Persimmon for the natural spirit

La Redoute It is not because the leaves are falling that we cannot keep a natural spirit in the house. We put for that on the green color but we choose rather a khaki shade which lends itself better to the season than a bright green. Associated with natural colors, the whole is very warm.

Orange energizes the kitchen

Conforama In the kitchen, you can allow yourself a slightly bolder color than in living rooms. Why not bet on the orange color which also settles on the autumn leaves? Choose a fairly dark shade, avoiding the fluorescent effect.

Purple for energy

Maisons du monde Finally, know that purple is an ideal color for fall. Sufficiently colorful to liven up the room and strong enough to create a cocoon atmosphere, it is the ally of a soft and dynamic interior at the same time.