Holiday decor: the English countryside

Holiday decor: the English countryside

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The autumn holidays are ideal for going for a stroll in the English countryside where the leaves of the trees take on sublime colors. But to find this atmosphere without leaving your home, we suggest that you create an English decor in your interior.

A flowered room

Ikea In this room with vintage furniture, the English style comes directly from the bed linen which sports many colorful flowers. Inspired by Liberty, the flowery fabric immediately evokes the tablecloths of tea rooms for a British touch.

A total floral look

Ikea In this room with charming furniture, flowers settle on all the textiles for a very feminine style. Thus, the bed linen and the curtains display more or less large flowers to set the scene.

Pub spirit

Le Grand Comptoir The English style is not only the flowers of the tea rooms but also the very masculine spirit of the pubs. To create this atmosphere at home, treat yourself to a beautiful piece of leather like a club chair and add cushions bearing the image of the country.

Charming furniture

Ikea For an English country spirit, add charming furniture to your floral textiles. Think of slightly outdated wooden furniture and soft colors to create a traditional atmosphere.

Character patterns

Ikea The English style is not half-hearted when it comes to patterns. Thus, the flowers settle on the bed linen, the tartan on the plaids and retro tiles on the covers of the armchairs for a warm and timeless atmosphere.

Scottish fabric

Ikea The other flagship fabric of England is the famous Scottish fabric also called tartan. It is not only installed on kilts but also finds its place on bed linen and curtains to give a chic and masculine atmosphere to a room.

A warm decor

Ikea The winters of the English countryside are rather cold, to warm up your interior, bet on a leather sofa that you will dress with throws and cushions. Don't hesitate to add thick curtains and a warm carpet.

English cuisine

Purpose English cuisine also takes on charming looks with a rustic spirit rejuvenated by trendy colors such as gray and taupe. We will gladly prepare scones for tea time!