A Moscow apartment inspired by Brooklyn studios

A Moscow apartment inspired by Brooklyn studios

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Located in a building built in 1900, near the center of Moscow, the Russian interior design studio Crosby Studio has transformed a two-room apartment into an apartment worthy of the most beautiful studios in Brooklyn for a young couple. Discovery in pictures!

Establish an industrial style

Evgeny Evgrafov To meet the demand of the owners, the architecture studio wanted to revisit the codes of the industrial style. So, they decided to keep the bricks and exposed raw concrete.

A suitable color code

Evgeny Evgrafov The industrial decoration being characterized by raw and sober colors, the team has chosen to focus on neutral colors: white and black. An interesting choice of color which is energized thanks to natural materials, such as wood.

Strong and robust materials

Evgeny Evgrafov The industrial style likes oversized objects. Echoing the kitchen furniture, an imposing wooden dining table adorns the space. This warms up the almost monastic atmosphere of the place and allows large family gatherings.

When simplicity becomes design

Evgeny Evgrafov In the kitchen, the architecture studio has chosen to bet on simplicity and sobriety. By opting for furniture with sleek shapes and making white a signature, the team has succeeded in creating a functional space that blends into the living room.

Design but functional

Evgeny Evgrafov The only concession, this long wooden piece of furniture dressed in a splashback and black contours. Practical and functional, it is equipped with a hob and a latest generation oven.

Relaxation area

Evgeny Evgrafov The originality of the project: the installation of this pretty hammock which allows the couple to relax after a long day of work. And, for more comfort, a graphic coffee table and a designer seat were installed at the back of the room, in the living room part.

An interior canopy

Evgeny Evgrafov Directly inspired by lofts, this pretty canopy allows light to circulate ideally in the sleeping area, without completely dividing the space and brings an additional cachet to the room.

Plant atmosphere

Evgeny Evgrafov To create a Zen atmosphere in the bathroom, Crosby Studio favored soft colors, twisted by the addition of natural materials and a touch of green that reminds nature in this small built and urban universe.

In black and white

Evgeny Evgrafov To create unity in the rooms, the architects favored pure and black elements in the bathroom. An interesting bias that gives dynamism, depth and a little graphic side to this pond.