The most beautiful bird shelters spotted on Pinterest

The most beautiful bird shelters spotted on Pinterest

When temperatures drop and you love birds, it becomes urgent to install a bird shelter in your garden so that they can shelter properly in winter. Asian influence, traditional wooden design, minimalist, unusual or totally offbeat ... discover our selection to welcome all these little people in your garden.

A green shelter

Tuxboard - Gallery Hip Our old corks are no longer intended to be thrown in the trash, the proof in pictures. Original and eco-friendly, they have it all! Source: Tuxboard - Decoration trend

On a scale

Deco Inspirations The good idea: place your bird shelters on a ladder, near our potted plants. A nice way to give a country style to our green spaces. Source: Deco Inspirations

Tea time

Planeta Huerto Tea lovers, why not give your old teapots a second life? They will delight birds who will use it as shelter. Source: Botanique edition

Diverted flower pots

The garden roof coop Flower pots are a real source of inspiration. The proof with this shelter designed using a flowerpot and its support. A very ingenious original and poetic staging. Now you decide whether you prefer to install it on the ground or hanging from a tree. Source: Plumetis Magazine

Seaside atmosphere

Kerouezee A sea breeze blows on the decoration of our garden with this nest box which is inspired by small fishermen's huts. In blue and white, he definitely has everything to please. Source: Chez Kerouezee

Cute bird shelters

Kerouezee What could be more simple and charming than dressing your handmade shelter with patterned paper to make sublime bird houses. The principle is easy and the result more than elegant. Source: Chez Kerouezee

Asian atmosphere

3D Green A shelter in the shape of a Vietnamese pagoda is a very suitable choice when you want to enhance your tropical garden. The idea: insert it in a corner of lush greenery. Source: 3D Green


Miluccia No, it is not a toy for your children but a shelter for our tits, sparrows and other birds. What bring an original and playful touch to our garden. Source: Miluccia

Made in us

Smarts and crafts Otherwise, light up your garden with these charming American-style bird houses, painted and decorated in spring colors. On the terrace or on your balcony, their decorative aspect will easily enhance your exteriors. Source: Smarts and crafts

Color explosion

Rebecca's bird garden By selecting shelters with different shapes and colors you will create in your garden a space for attractive birds with the most beautiful effect. Source: Rebecca's bird garden


Pretty Handy Girl Unsuspected, the cutlery is in fact real creation material. Clothing assembled using wire, it can easily be installed on the roof of a shelter. A great way to personalize a sober and impersonal birdhouse. Source: Pretty Handy Girl

Little holes, little holes…

French country cottage With many small holes on its facade, our little birds will enjoy entering this house as practical as it is aesthetic. Remarkable! Source: French country cottage

Variable height

Creative home arts club We already really liked the idea of ​​hanging our bird shelters on trees, we like it as much, if not even more, the trick of putting them on wooden sticks. A colorful, dynamic and particularly coherent composition. Source: Creative home arts club

A shelter dressed in capsules

Kids stuff world Our old beer capsules revive their lives in the decoration of our gardens by dressing the bird shelters with originality. Collect old capsules and then attach them to the roof of your household. An ultra-simple and quick idea to realize, but which we had to think about! Source: Kids stuff world

Mini Budget

Emiliebe Ok, ok, this is certainly not a bird shelter but we like the idea of ​​diverting an old tin can in a pantry for birds. Mini budget, maximum effect! Source: Emiliebe

Colorful touch

Birdy shop On the same principle, you can also choose this model made using a tin can left in its natural state and a piece of wood cut and painted in red. Source: A Little Market


PVC pipe The simplest ideas are often the best, proof with this DIY made using wooden planks and screws. Pretty cool, right? Source: PVC pipe

Two in one

The idea room To enjoy nature, do not hesitate to welcome birds in your garden thanks to these two in an ultra-practical including a flowerpot and a house for birds. Simple and efficient ! Source: The idea room

Atmosphere from Asia

3D Green Is it possible to have a garden in the colors of Asia? Of course, if you decide to opt for this Asian temple bird shelter. Source: 3D Green