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Rafa Kids: discovering design and fun furniture for children

Rafa Kids: discovering design and fun furniture for children

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In search of quality furniture, as beautiful as it is functional for their children, the couple of architects formed by Agatha and Arek Seredyn decided to create it themselves. Thus was born Rafa Kids, a young brand of children's furniture with a playful design. When Agatha signs the aesthetics of the furniture, Arek takes care of the technical aspects of the creations. Presentation of a collection that will appeal to young and old alike!

X stool: a multifunctional decorative element

Rafa Kids Alternately a stool, side table or bedside table, X is a decorative element in its own right. Stable and robust, it will accompany toddlers on their wildest adventures.

Shelf M: designer wall storage

Rafa Kids Unstructured, M is a light wooden shelf that will sublimate all children's rooms decorated in a Scandinavian spirit.

Bed R: casters at bedtime

Rafa Kids Modular, R is a bed that moves according to the desires of your little one, enough to allow it to create a personalized room in two stages, three movements!

Bed A: a compact and elegant bed

Rafa Kids Designed for teens, A is a space-saving bed for one person. Thanks to a sleek design, it can also be used as a bench where you can chat with friends, read a book, watch a movie or play video games with friends.

F bed: a modular loft bed

Rafa Kids To best adapt to the smallest spaces, Rafa Kids signs F, a loft bed that can decorate R beds, like A and, thus, evolve with your child. A real plus!

Swing swing: the fun touch

Rafa Kids Made by turning one of the wheels of the R bed, Swing is a swing which offers a minimalist design. Once attached to the ceiling, this is a decorative and fun accessory that will delight your little ones, and more style.

XO Game: when fun is design

Rafa Kids Inspired by the famous game of noughts and crosses, Agatha and Arek Seredyn have chosen to modernize it: now, using Masking Tape, the lines take shape, and just place small "X" and "O "in wool to start the game. It's up to you !