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Total black & white look in the bathroom

Total black & white look in the bathroom

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Opposites attract. A positive / negative game on which the black and white duo infiltrates the bathroom, master of well-being but also of chic! Our inspiration book on black and white background.

Time travel

Leroy Merlin ### Delicious retro atmosphere in this black and white bathroom. Lion paws bathtub, wall stripes, silky curtains, old paintings: everything is there!

Contemporary class

Ikéa ### Trendy black washing machine, classic white furniture, black tiled floor, white tiled walls: here, the game of black & white brings its graphic and timeless signature with a mixture of chic and simplicity. Hyper modern!

Supreme design

Porcelanosa ### The range "cylindrical baths and sinks" with a white interior and a black exterior covering, amazes us here with its extremely refined aesthetic. Add to that a super clear parquet thanks to which, keeping your feet on the ground is to be excluded at bath time. Or how to get the in-between design / well-being!

Country chic

Ikéa ### Checkered tiles, bathtub in the middle of the room, wicker armchair: here we are transported to a spacious bathroom with decor close to the 50s that does not fail to remind us of the chic and country style!

Checked outfit

Paragraph ### Checked dress code in this bathroom with white tiles on the walls, black and white on the floor. As for furniture, their minimalism also seems to play the card of the perfect outfit.

Precious mosaic

Porcelanosa ### In line with aesthetic bathrooms, this one seduces us with its wall covering while mosaic that sparkles the room in a bling chic version. Perfection to awaken its half white, half black atmosphere!

Reduced format

Ikéa ### Mini mini size for this bathroom having bet on the optimization of space before even bet on black and white. The rendering has the merit of being sober and elegant despite the lack of space.