Tips from a chef for a successful Thanksgiving meal

Tips from a chef for a successful Thanksgiving meal

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Before Christmas across the Atlantic, there is Thanksgiving! Do you want to prepare a meal in the purest American tradition? gives you his best recipes to make it happen! For this, the editor went to a cooking class like no other, that of chef Tugdual from Bethune. Turkey, pumpkin pie, pecan pie… we tell you everything to make your Thanksgiving meal a success. Small tour behind the stove!

Recipe N ° 1: the "pumpkin pie"

Katia Rimbert Typical American pastry, the pumpkin pie delights young and old with its orange color. The recipe: prepare a homemade dough, cut the pumpkin flesh and soak it in water so that you can crush it with a fork. Add brown sugar (20 g), an egg yolk, unsweetened condensed milk (50 ml). Then a touch of salt, nutmeg, ginger and ground cinnamon to add flavor. Be careful not to add more, otherwise your cake will be spoiled!

Recipe N ° 2: a golden pecan pie

Katia Rimbert For the dough, mix flour (75 g), butter (40 g), sugar (40 g), a lightly beaten egg and a pinch of salt. Knead until you get a ball. Let it sit for 20 minutes in the refrigerator so that the butter cools and hardens. Then cut it in half and flatten each piece with a rolling pin. Flower the flour like a pro if the dough is too soft. For the preparation, mix in a bowl crushed pecans (30 g) with a yolk of water, maple syrup (30 g), melted butter (10 g), brown sugar (15 g) and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Our recipe N ° 2 in pictures: pecan pie

Katia Rimbert After having buttered and floured a small container, placed the dough and the filling in it, and put it in the oven for 20 minutes, it is time for the verdict for our "pecan pie". Crisp, sweet and consistent, it's perfect! For the pumpkin pie, we will take a "tupper ware", as our friends say in English!

Entrance: a salad to whet your appetite

Katia Rimbert What to do as a starter? This small salad of avocado, yellow grapefruit and shrimp makes our mouth water. The chef had the clever idea of ​​making us start with a fresh and light starter to whet our appetite. Be careful, the turkey will not be as light! A great way to prepare for the main course with a nice visual on the plate.

The dish: the essential Christmas turkey

Katia Rimbert In the purest American tradition, a Christmas turkey weighing almost 3.5 kilograms was cooked in the castle's stoves! It is THE flagship product of the meal, which Americans do not miss for anything in the world. It was accompanied by a puree with hazelnut chips and garnished with a half English-half French stuffing, with meat and vegetables. All flavored with spices that enhance the flavors.

The culinary and linguistic duo

Katia Rimbert For this great day, Tugdual de Bethune was not alone. The chef of the Culinary Circle of France was accompanied by Anna Polec, English trainer of Langue & Nature. Their specialty? They give cooking lessons in English. Go to Do you cook english? to discover a new recipe every week.

A marble worktop

Katia Rimbert An anachronistic shift, our 100% US cooking class took place at the Château de la Mazure, a sumptuous 19th century residence, a few kilometers from Laval, in Mayenne. In the kitchens there is a large thick marble worktop, ideal for optimizing the preparation of our recipes.

Whistle while cooking!

Katia Rimbert The essential ingredient for a successful Thanksgiving meal? The kitchen ! Do not forget to make room and bring appropriate utensils, they will be your best allies for cooking. On this side, we were charmed by the copper pots hanging on the wall, the ovens and the period furniture of the Mazure castle.

At table !

Katia Rimbert This gourmet getaway ended on the plate! We were able to taste our culinary creations around a large table, in a friendly and successful atmosphere. A place at least atypical since the original walls are covered with brown leather: a little wonder! has succeeded in its turkey and its desserts then it's up to you!