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Decorative Coaching: Alexis' parental suite

Decorative Coaching: Alexis' parental suite

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Many individuals do not have the time or the ideas to rearrange their interior, and decorate it according to their tastes. This was the case with Alexis, who felt cramped in his room. He therefore called on the interior decoration coaching agency Mon Interior Sur Mesure, to transform part of his apartment into a beautiful master suite.

The layout plan before the works

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure Alexis' apartment as it appeared during the visit of the MISM architects on site.

The layout plan after the works

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure Following the visit of the MISM architects on site, it was decided to destroy the partition between the bedroom and the bathroom. A screen will be placed at this location to optimize space and have a view of the bathtub.

The trend board

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure Noble, simple and refined materials have been privileged, in accordance with the tastes of Alexis, who particularly appreciates the universe and the Hermès boutiques. Camel leather armchair Santiago at Maison du Monde, 179.90 euros. Vanity bedside table at Roche Bobois, € 6,400 (price does not include mattress or box spring). Tom Dixon floor lamp, dimensions: 50 cm x 160 cm high, Silvera-eshop, 1194 euros. Tom Dixon pendant light, dimensions: 19 cm x 36 cm high, Silvera-eshop, 420 euros each. Dressing table, ref. Dolores 917302, at Habitat, 749 euros.

In sketch: from the entrance of the room

My Custom Interior Agency The viewing angle is located at the entrance to the bedroom. The bed is central with a carpet which reduces the constant presence in Alexis' apartment of the parquet floor. On the right we notice the dressing table with the door of the baby's room. On the left, a moucharabieh (custom color, "vulcano", identical to the orange color of Hermès) has been put in place to play on the seen / not seen of the bathroom space. The opening leading to the bathroom is about 2 meters. A table of Alexis' uncle can be located above the bed, which will bring dynamism.

In sketch: from the bed

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure This time, we position ourselves at the level of the bed, towards the front door of the bedroom. On the left we see the dressing room. It will be tailor-made with solid wood doors. To give rhythm, the paneling will be offset. In front of the bed will be positioned the television as desired. A mini reading / rest area will be installed to the right of the television with auxiliary lighting.

In sketch: the adjoining bathroom

Agence Mon Intérieur Sur Mesure The bathroom is open to the bedroom and the passage to the small bedroom has been condemned. For privacy reasons and due to the presence of a shelf for the basins, a partition wall is kept. It also allows you to lean against the bed. The left wall is covered with wood-type wall tiles; the ground, it is in gray tiling rough way. For a better reflection of light while retaining this soothing spirit, the green color was favored on the partition.

In sketch: an additional proposal

Agence Mon Interieur Sur Mesure In order to preserve the owners' privacy, a second proposal was presented: the addition of a double door which opens onto a partition, in this way, the bed is not visible; the television can also be placed behind the partition. On the left of the room, a space has been freed up to make a baby room.