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Maisons du monde: Christmas 2015 collection

Maisons du monde: Christmas 2015 collection

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Because at Christmas, our interiors are adorned with lights and decorative objects, Maisons du monde offers you its new 2015 Christmas collection! Discovery!

A classic but chic Christmas decor!

Maisons du Monde If gold is a popular color during the holidays, it is not for nothing! Combined with white, this pretty color will perfectly brighten up your Christmas decoration!

Very modern Christmas trees

Maisons du Monde Exit the fir trees that are torn from their forest and that lose their thorns or artificial fir trees with such an unnatural look ... Here are two design fir trees that are both modern and original that will surprise more than one!

Christmas decorations for your tree

Maisons du Monde We fell in love with these pretty white decorations, very simple but yet so representative of Christmas and its very special atmosphere…

My Christmas Tree…

Maisons du Monde This year, decorate your tree with natural-colored balls and place a few objects at its foot amidst gifts. Long haired Christmas balls are very trendy this winter!

Golden candles for Christmas

Maisons du Monde What could be more elegant than pretty white tableware and lots of golden candles to light up your Christmas table? Do not hesitate to place some angels in golden tones on your table!

Original Christmas balls

Maisons du Monde Why not leave your usual silver and golden Christmas balls in their boxes for the benefit of this pretty, original Christmas ball?

Traditional tree vs design tree

Maisons du Monde Whether you are a fan of the famous traditional green fir tree adorned with red for the occasion or of a much more original design fir, Maisons du Monde will meet your needs.

A golden Christmas

Maisons du Monde If gold is a very common color on clothing during the holiday season, it will perfectly dress up your Christmas table. Glasses, candle holders or tablecloth: everything can be golden at Christmas!

A Christmas in red and white

Maisons du Monde Here is a very traditional Christmas table dominated by red and white, the colors of the famous Santa Claus. A few branches of fir arranged on the table will be of the best effect. Source: Maisons du monde