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Beautiful dishes create the decor

Beautiful dishes create the decor

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What if dishes become a decorative accessory in their own right? We then stage it to create a refined decor in its interior. To help you, we have found ideas for you that are sure to enhance the decor.

Plates of art

Some designers make their plates real works of art. Also, they can be treated as such by installing them on a fireplace as a decorative object thanks to a support that will keep them vertical. The effect is original and very decorative!

Plates on the walls

In the same way, your plates can be installed on the walls and take the place of the wall decoration! We then bet on an odd number to create a graphic effect on the wall.

A service in the spotlight

If you have an old service, do as our grandmothers who exposed them in a dresser by giving them a nice place on a kitchen shelf. You can then stack the plates, expose the salad bowls and highlight the presentation dishes.

Dishes on the table

To stage your dining table when it is not being used, you will put on presentation dishes with a tiered servant and very decorative dish dishes. Add a few candles and your table will look very chic.

Coffee cups in a shelf

The coffee cups have a very aesthetic shape that you can perfectly exploit by storing them in an open shelf. Feel free to stack them to create a fun dinette effect.

An exposed collection

If you collect old dishes or beautiful teapots, do not hesitate to make decorative objects by placing them in an exhibition window that will stage your most beautiful pieces.

Delicacies on the fireplace

And if your interior was greedy? For that, it is enough to dress your furniture of your most beautiful presentation dishes with a special mention for the servants with bells under which you will deposit candies and other sweets.

Beautiful glasses on the table

To give a very chic look to your table in the blink of an eye, nothing like very worked crystal glasses. Do not hesitate to place several models to create a precious effect on your table and enhance your meals.

A neat table

Obviously, do not hesitate to enhance your dishes during your meals by taking out the big game! We opt for several glasses, presentation plates and a refined table decoration.