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Choose your oven according to the style of your kitchen

Choose your oven according to the style of your kitchen

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In the kitchen, you have the choice to make your oven disappear in a cabinet or to leave it visible. If this is the case, it will have to adapt to the style of your kitchen so that the room is harmonious. To help you make your choice, we offer advice based on your cuisine.

A chrome oven in a contemporary kitchen

Alinéa For a contemporary kitchen, stainless steel is ideal because it emphasizes the modernity of your space. By combining perfectly with white and gray furniture. Don't hesitate to treat yourself to a refrigerator in the same finish for an even more decorative touch.

An oven for a gray designer kitchen

Alinéa In this kitchen, gray meets black for a sleek and very designer look. The oven then naturally finds its place in black furniture on the condition of opting for a finish of the same color which allows the household appliances to blend into the kitchen.

An oven for pop cuisine

Alinéa Do you hesitate to bring color into your kitchen? You can then choose a stainless steel oven which will have the advantage of marrying all the colors that you will add in your pop style kitchen.

An oven for a white kitchen

Ikea In this kitchen in white and wood, nothing or almost exceeds. So that the oven does not derogate from this rule, we put on an entirely white model which blends into the kitchen furniture in order to highlight the purity of the lines.

An oven in a charming kitchen

Purpose The oven of a charming kitchen is not to be chosen lightly because an overly modern model will break the spirit of decoration. You can then opt for a cooking piano which will offer you the oven and the plates in an independent appliance that you will have to place between two pieces of furniture. For a timeless touch, we choose a chrome model.

An oven in a designer kitchen

Schmidt In this kitchen, different materials are highlighted with textured cupboards and an ultra-bright extractor hood. The oven must therefore follow this trend with a very smooth chrome finish that will reflect light.

An oven for black and white cooking

Schmidt Very graphic, this kitchen plays with black and white. For the oven, we will do the same. The majority of the device will be black like the furniture but will present reminders of white with the handles which will be similar to those of the cupboards.

An oven for Scandinavian cuisine

Fly In this kitchen, wood and white are in the spotlight to give a very trendy Scandinavian style! For the oven, we will therefore rely on white which will echo the worktop and tall furniture.

An oven for a retro kitchen

Purpose For a kitchen with retro accents, we put on an oven which is inspired by old models with a copper colored handle, a white facade with a worked window and old buttons to keep the charm of the kitchen.