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Architect's tips: arrange invisible storage

Architect's tips: arrange invisible storage

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Storage spaces, we all want them, and we never have enough! But when you want to offer your interior a refined or even minimalist atmosphere, or even when you lack space, it is not easy to add bulky or too inconspicuous furniture. The solution is then to imagine storage spaces that are both clever and blend in with the decor to the point of being unexpected at first glance.

Arrange invisible storage in the living room

Angélique BLANC In this L-shaped living room of 17.25 m2 on the fireplace side, and 10.40 m2 on the sofa side, no storage is apparent. Only the sofas, the armchairs and the coffee table occupy the space and yet, three storage spaces are hidden. The first is a niche closet camouflaged behind the television screen, which opens like a door. The second storage space, the most important in terms of surface, is hidden on the stairs. Practical and invisible, drawer modules are hidden in each riser. This solution is ideal for storing children's shoes, toys, magazines. Finally, the third storage is none other than the fireplace ... which is not one! It is actually a false mantel accommodating two additional storage spaces.

Provide invisible storage in the bathroom

Angélique BLANC In this sleek and sober 1.95 mx 3.25 m bathroom, the bathtub is encased in a box in which a storage niche discreetly slides. Invisible, similar to a hatch, this niche can receive toiletries for daily use. The rim of the tub, thus cleared of any bottle, will be much easier and quick to clean. In front of the bath, three cupboards used to store towels, cosmetics and cleaning products, blend into the decor, leaving only the door handles, which seem to be simple coat hooks ready to receive the linen of the occupants of the house.

Provide invisible storage in the bedroom

Angélique BLANC In this 5.84 mx 2.97 m room, the parquet floor has two levels. On level 0 is the bed and the clothes cupboards as well as a desk tucked between these two cupboards. At level 1 (+ 40 cm), a platform was installed, making it possible to create a large storage unit embedded in the ground and completely invisible once the hatch is closed. It will contain quilts, blankets and other cushions without cluttering the cabinets. Against the wall opposite the bed, a double partition was installed. It can accommodate three storage niches (for example for books) hidden behind the frames of decorative paintings.