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One terrace, two spaces

One terrace, two spaces

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To take full advantage of your garden, you should consider it as a room in the house. And like in the house where your living room opens onto the dining area, the garden multiplies the activities. Here are some ideas for creating several spaces on your terrace or in your garden.

Two relaxation areas

Leroy Merlin This terrace is entirely dedicated to relaxation. There is space in the corner with a comfortable bench for a nap and in the center a table for a snack or leafing through a magazine. A real living room.

A complete terrace

Leroy Merlin On this terrace, we almost find the house in condensed form. A barbecue area allows you to cook, the dining table allows you to take meals and a lounge area will ensure moments of relaxation.

Living room, lunchroom

Botanic Here, the outdoor space is vast and really makes it possible to create two very distinct areas. Near the house there is space for meals, and the pool side is more conducive to relaxation with a garden furniture.

Meals and relaxation

Conran Shop In this house, we took advantage of a long terrace to create two spaces. In the area closest to the house, we use the terrace for dinner and at the other end, we sit on deckchairs for sunbathing.

Different relaxation areas

Fly On this large terrace, everyone appropriates the spaces. We used different types of garden furniture to create several spaces. Guests can thus create small groups by affinity.

Dining area and nap

Proloisirs On this terrace, you can enjoy the poolside at any time. The meal is taken at the water's edge thanks to the dining table, and we continue with a nap in a suspended deckchair that invites you to relax.

A space bounded by a carpet

Alinéa On this terrace where the living room and the dining room meet, we chose to visually delimit the spaces by using a carpet for the outside which brings a very decorative touch. Ask for a terrace quote!

A double living room

Alinéa This small terrace still allows to accommodate two spaces dedicated to relaxation. The bench will allow you to relax with a good book while the lounge area will be used for a drink and refreshment.

A living room and a vegetable patch

Maisons du Monde If in the house, putting the refrigerator in the living room is not possible, on the terrace, you can quite install a vegetable patch near the garden furniture. Go through the kitchen box anyway before tasting your vegetables.

Dining room and games room

Leroy Merlin As soon as the meal is finished, the children like to get together to go play. So we install them just behind the dining table, a small sandbox for fun.

Garden furniture and bar area

Maisons du Monde To give your garden a holiday feel, set up a small living room with an exotic look. To accompany it, set up a little bamboo bar a little further, which is very practical when you are receiving people.

A garden furniture and a cabin

Leroy Merlin To create an additional room in the garden you can decide to set up a large cabin which will serve as a guest bedroom. You can then enjoy its small terrace for lunch in the sun or just sunbathing.

A dining area and a swimming pool

Alinéa In this garden, two very distinct spaces have been fitted out. On one side, the swimming pool which benefits from the rays of the sun, and on the other, a small dining area in the shade of the trees for lunch in peace.

A sofa for meeting and a tea room

Maisons du Monde This terrace was designed in two stages. On one side the sofa glued to the house to relax and on the other a small tea room corner in the middle of the courtyard to receive.

A dining area and a relaxation area

Leroy Merlin We like the nomadic style of these two spaces. The dining room resembles that of highway areas. As for the small relaxation area, it seems perfect for making a small picnic.

Dinner and relaxation

Alinéa Here is the meal finished, it's time to move on to digestion. To do this, we invite ourselves to the relaxation area located a stone's throw away and made up of lounge chairs full of energy.

Summer kitchen and dining room

Leroy Merlin Practical when you are used to regularly receiving people at home, the outdoor kitchen deserves its own space. Not far from there, we discover a dining area to enjoy sunny days all summer.

A protected lounge and a dining area

Alinéa The pergola installed on the side of the house has made it possible to accommodate a lounge area which you can use even when it rains. As for the dining area, it has found its place in the shade of the trees.

A terrace for adults and children

Maisons du Monde To meet up with adults at mealtimes, we choose to set up a table for parents, and another for children. And so that it does not mismatch in the garden we choose the same model of white and authentic wrought iron furniture.