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One room, two activities

One room, two activities

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In small spaces, you sometimes have to give two functions to a room to optimize the space. Also, we suggest that you create a room that will not only be used for sleeping in order to save space in your interior. Zoom on some ideas of activities to couple.

One bedroom bathroom

Mobalpa In small spaces, all activities are done in the same place. Also, you can without hesitation place the bathroom in your room by putting a shower and a sink behind the room.

An office bedroom

Fly Need a workspace? Place your desk in the bedroom away from the bed to keep a space dedicated to sleep. And remember to make a cut before going to bed when you go from work to bed.

A room also for a baby

Castorama If you do not have the space to create an independent baby room in your interior, you can also create a baby corner in the parents' room. We can separate the space with a curtain or Japanese panels.

A TV corner room

Leroy Merlin If you want a quiet place to watch TV, why not put an armchair, a soft carpet and a TV screen in a corner of your room?

A living room

Ikea To benefit from a corner of tranquility in your room, why not offer yourself a reading corner by adding a small armchair to your room where you can sit? Again, you can separate the spaces with a curtain.

One bedroom living room

Ikea In this room, we have mixed a sleeping area with another relaxation area with a soft armchair but also a desk area for working. The living areas are separated from the sleeping area thanks to the location of the bed.

A library room

Ikea Nowadays, offering yourself a room dedicated to books is a real luxury. Also, if you do not have the possibility, you can choose to install the library in your room. You will have the books at hand in the evening.

A workshop room

Ikea If you are sewing, you may need a workshop to set up shop. If you do not have the space to dedicate a room to this activity, settle in the room and close the space with a curtain.

A studio room

Ikea Finally, if you do not have the space to have a bedroom proper, transform your living room into a bedroom when the night comes by unfolding your sofa.