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Swing shutters: our selection

Swing shutters: our selection

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Both blackout and insulating, the shutters are also an asset to dress the exterior of your home. To help you find the swing shutters that will make your home a unique place, we offer a favorite selection of models for all styles.

Louvered shutters for cachet!

Sothoferm Both practical for ventilation and truly aesthetic, louvered shutters are traditionally made of wood, very insulating, as here with the French-style "Calliope" slat model from Sothoferm. You can also opt for aluminum or PVC imitation wood swing shutters which have the advantage of requiring almost no maintenance. The important thing is the cachet!

Completely curved!

MF Habitat Are your windows rounded up? Many manufacturers offer optional bending. Most ? Combine the bending with openwork blades that bring lightness and classic elegance to the facade.

Color trench for colored house!

TRYBA and France Fermetures Dare to use brightly colored shutters, especially if your facade is a bit dull. As in decoration, the shutters designed as touches of color can awaken a somewhat monotonous atmosphere. We then choose shutters with full leaves, preferably with vertical slats.

Country spirit

Lapeyre The deep, timeless red will bring a country style to your exterior. We prefer wooden shutters or imitation wood, decorated with bars and scarf. There are many models at Lapeyre presented in a multitude of colors, including Basque red. To play the game to the end, the best is to match the window frame to the shutters. Welcome to your home sweet home!

Graphic shutters

C2R Wind of modernity for this Taïga model from C2R. In aluminum, with vertical slats and chosen in a sober and modern color (mouse gray, anthracite, taupe or putty for example), the shutter will bring a very contemporary style to the exterior of your home. If your facade is smooth, it is ideal for thinking of shutters as flat. Finally, if it is time for major work, you can paint your facade in a bright color that will contrast with your shutters (in harmony with them of course!).

Total look

Gilly To unify the exterior appearance of your home while providing it with volume, do not hesitate to equip your doors or French windows with shutters identical to those of your windows, as here with the Katia model from Gilly! This allows you to energize your facade by playing on different heights, while respecting a unique color code, guaranteeing a certain sobriety.


Lapeyre For closings that do not distort their environment, we turn to wooden shutters with a natural color, like this model from Lapeyre. We choose them full for the rustic side, and louvered for more modernity. The little extra? Match your windows for a truly natural look!

Family house

France Closures Wooden, aluminum or even PVC shutters as long as they are clear, full and swinging! With old stones, a charming house will emanate from it all the more as one plays with finesse: a mauve blue will recall the wisteria of the garden, white, efficient and bright, will play on sobriety. France Fermeture offers the Zefiral Theric models in insulated aluminum (eligible for the tax credit and here in blue) and PVCéa imitation wood (in white on the photograph), made in France.

Modulate the light

Lapeyre The shutters with adjustable slats will modulate the light in your living room. Perfect for ventilating, they adapt to your needs: they preserve a certain intimacy or, on the contrary, let light penetrate the room. We particularly like the anthracite aluminum model from Lapeyre.