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The chic bathroom

The chic bathroom

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To start the day with elegance, we put on an ultra chic bathroom with simple and pure lines, beautiful effects of materials and colors that enhance the furniture. To help you choose your bathroom, we have selected a multitude of chic atmospheres!

Chic and glamorous spirit

Alinéa So that the chic bathroom is quite feminine, we opt for a very shiny gray mosaic tile which will give a "jewel" style to your walls. Then, we put on a washbasin cabinet with very contemporary lines by opting for a feminine color like purple.

Zen and graphic atmosphere

Lapeyre For a chic bathroom, we put on a bathroom in neutral colors which will give a very Zen atmosphere to the whole. We then choose symmetrical furniture to create a graphic atmosphere.

White highlighted with black

Ikea Small bathrooms also have the right to a chic atmosphere: we put on this white to give a feeling of space and we highlight everything with very elegant black touches.

Black and wood

Ideal For a chic and enveloping bathroom, opt for a very deep shade on the walls with dark gray and slightly lighter concrete on the floor. All will highlight textured wooden furniture that accommodates a white basin.

Mix of retro and contemporary

Keuco In this bathroom, the chic comes from the skilful mix between sleek, very designer furniture and more retro elements such as the window with tiles or the lion-footed bathtub. To offer a timeless look to the room, gray appears as the ideal color.

Chic roundness

Castorama Contemporary furniture will undoubtedly bring a chic style to your bathroom thanks to black lacquered furniture and clean lines. We can play with a contrast of shapes by opting for a round mirror. For the rest of the decor, a gray carpet and a narrow black frieze will enhance the decor.

Baroque bathroom

Castorama If you want a chic bathroom that does not hesitate to show off its finery, play with mirror tiling, antique furniture with curved legs and round lighting like a movie star. You will get an ultra feminine piece.

A transparent bathroom

Leroy Merlin To make your shower a chic space, we put on a large shower cubicle in transparent glass walls which creates a glass cube in the center of the room for a very pure decoration.

A gray / wood / white bathroom

Leroy Merlin In this bathroom, the Scandinavian trend of wood and white is combined with that of gray throughout the house as a timeless color. Everything is chic and elegant while being pleasant to live in.

Zen atmosphere

Altamarea A real favorite for this chic and Zen bathroom. The wooden furniture awakens the rest of the decor and highlights it with a few touches of duck blue.

Lacquered black for an elegant style

Sanijura The black and white association works every time and in the bathroom, it is perfectly justified when you want to create a chic and design atmosphere.

An atmosphere of well-being

Leroy Merlin There is no question of abandoning the well-being aspect when you want to give a chic atmosphere to your bathroom. To combine the two aptly, we put on a bathtub that we frame with a very elegant mosaic tiling.

An elegant orange piece of furniture

Stocco Bringing a chic atmosphere in your bathroom with a colorful piece of furniture that sets the tone is also possible. The proof with this orange washbasin cabinet with designer lines that brings the right dose of pep.

Loft spirit

Sanijura If you like the industrial style but prefer it in a smoother version, bet on this elegant bathroom. The brown lacquered furniture is exposed on a brick look mosaic wall for a very successful effect.

Bright red

Delpha Warm and chic atmosphere in this bathroom which has bet on the total bright red look. Our decor tip for adopting it: avoid this style in a small room at the risk of creating an overloaded and stuffy atmosphere.


Porcelanosa If you appreciate bathrooms with a minimalist design, you will inevitably succumb to the charm of this model. The brown wooden furniture with clean lines brings a touch of chic as we like.

Clear and delicate colors

Pyram For you, chic rhymes with sober colors from floor to ceiling? Then opt for this beige and white lacquered furniture that you carefully fix on a white wall. Clean atmosphere!

Clean atmosphere

Leroy Merlin Chic also rhymes with a refined atmosphere and simple lines. This very elegant white bathroom has its decor enhanced with a few touches of turquoise here and there.

Chic and contemporary

Porcelanosa Lovers of contemporary design, here is a bathroom that is made for you! Its marble walls, its furniture with simple lines and its sober colors make it a resolutely chic room.