Teenage bedroom curtains: choose well!

Teenage bedroom curtains: choose well!

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It is not only in the living room that the curtains will be the final touch of the decoration, in the teenage bedroom also you must choose your curtains. But how to make them like them and adapt to their decorating desires? Discover our ideas!

Curtains in the colors of the walls

Castorama To choose the curtains in the bedroom, you can use the colors of the walls and opt for a slightly darker tone. We can for example choose purple if the walls are pink.

New York curtains

Leroy Merlin Your teen's bedroom has a New York theme? Then bet on curtains that remain in the decor with photos of the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building as patterns.

Effect curtains

Leroy Merlin To create an original style in the teenage bedroom, we can bet on the effects of materials! For this, you will find shiny curtains with iridescent reflections or others with very raw fibers. Our advice: mix the two for a daring rendering.

Urban curtains

Leroy Merlin Your teen wants to go around the world? Give him curtains that display the names of major capitals! Paris, Miami, London then set up shop while creating a very graphic atmosphere!

Colored curtains

Saint Maclou Thanks to the curtains, you will be able to bring color into the teenager's room! Without painting the walls, the room offers a decoration of character by choosing bold colored curtains that will mark the starting point of the decor.

Funny curtains

Lily Latifi If you find curtains with original patterns, do not hesitate because they will integrate easily in the teenage bedroom in the manner of these stylized teddy bears who settle on bright red curtains for a playful rendering that will appeal to teens.

Curtains in total look

Leroy Merlin To create a very decorative effect in the teenage bedroom, you can opt for a total look spirit by betting on curtains of the same color as the walls or the carpets. The atmosphere is then very enveloping.

And why not blinds?

Leroy Merlin To stay in a very contemporary style, you can replace the traditional curtains with roller blinds which offer a very designer look thanks to their clean lines. The window will then be discreet to highlight the decor.

Simple curtains with the print of the bed

Goal In this teenage bedroom made in england, the base is neutral, from floor to ceiling through the curtains. Only a few touches of color on the furniture and bed linen bring good humor.

Colorful curtains for the girl's room

Castorama In a very girly atmosphere, the decoration is all dressed in pink. And in order to stay fully in this theme, we installed flashy pink curtains.

The teen bedroom without curtains

Conforama In this room with a palette of blues, we give an important place to natural light. So we made the choice to put a very light curtain, almost invisible.

Pink in the girl's room

Conforama With a bedroom with pink walls and black and white furniture, light pink veils are placed in the windows, which blend into the decor.

A touch of industry in the boy's room

Deavita The very simple decor of this teenage bedroom, especially focused on storage and organization has a large window overlooking the city. We wanted to make the most of this view, so we made the choice to install beige blinds for a little more industrial.

XXL curtains in the teenage bedroom

Eminza For a very warm atmosphere, we play with materials and colors. On a white base we add fuchsia color on the furniture and on the flamboyantly draped curtains. It's chic!

Curtains for the decorative touch

Ikea The curtain does not only block light, it can also serve as a decorative touch in its own right. We bet here on a childish pattern with two red bands that wake up the room.

We let in the light in the teenage bedroom

Ikea A very chic room, in mauve and fuchsia tones that lets in light. To avoid a variegated result, there is no need to add more to the curtains!

A romantic blue bedroom for teens

Leroy Merlin We made the choice in this room to put curtains only for aesthetics. Not at all blackout, these curtains however bring a poetic touch. All in lightness!

The teenage bedroom with poetry

Saint Maclou Putting everything on the wallpaper means that you have to lighten up the rest of the room. On the furniture we opt for plain plain prints, green or pink. And for the curtains, we match them to the bed!