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8 kitchen appliances that wish us well in winter

8 kitchen appliances that wish us well in winter

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In winter, between constant rain and imperial cold, it is in the kitchen that one seeks comfort! Some devices are also suitable for putting balm in our hearts. So if it is not already done, do not delay any longer to appropriate them ...


Brandt ### In preparation for a month of January 100% detox, we are trying to be ready for tea time breaks. Long live the pretty kettles that have come to give us a helping hand!

A crepe maker

Delamaison ### No question of waiting for the Candlemas to embark on delicious sweet / savory pancakes! So quickly, we surround ourselves with what is necessary, a large or mini format crepe maker as desired.

A toaster

Magimix ### Breakfast in bed is never as popular as in the cold season. Because the laziness of a long sleep bundled up in the warmth and the delight of a comforting maxi breakfast is the pinnacle of winter cocooning!

Fondue maker

Creuset ### In line with meals straight from the chalets at altitude, we also remember the Savoyard fondues (Burgundy or Chinese)! A delight not to be enjoyed alone!

A fondue maker… with chocolate

Delamaison ### The special "dessert" fondues also have something to cheer us up in the middle of winter! Who says chocolate is limited to the holiday season?

A deep fryer

Delamaison ### The good thing about the cold is that we need consistent dishes to last long days in near darkness. The best reason to allow yourself good portions of homemade fries!

A pierrade

Delamaison ### The conviviality of a winter dinner also has its place around a pierrade. Chosen in a vitamin color, it is doubly conducive to good humor!