10 clever storage ideas for garden tools spotted on Pinterest

10 clever storage ideas for garden tools spotted on Pinterest

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Green storage

Jeroen van der Spek

Pieces of wood can easily become storage units for our garden tools. Thus hung, they are found in a jiffy. Sources: Toves sammensurium

A revisited shelf


Did you know that your shelves can be transformed into practical storage for your tools? The solution: install your furniture on the floor and remove its drawers. Smart right? Source: A little of everything alpenroeschen

A PVC storage wall

Newly woodwards

How about finding the shovel you need right now? There is a solution! Make this clever storage. The necessary tools: PVC pipes and wooden planks. Source: Newly woodwards

A practical door

Dying of cute - Martha Stewart

The solution for accessible and tidy tools: simply fix them on a door. The good idea: add shelves, screws or hooks for convenience. Source: Dying of cute - Martha Stewart

A tool holder to adopt

J-H Mahé

Special mention for this tool holder! Its more? It takes into account the specificity of each tool by adapting the structure to the specifics of each. Source:

Pallet storage

Fix lovely - Kylee Baumle

You already loved them enormously diverted into trendy furniture for our interiors, find them transformed into tool holders for the equipment of our gardens. Whether placed on the floor or hanging, the pallets are really good! Source: Fix lovely - Tejidos mili lopez

A robust tool holder


If you are a handyman, you probably have some wooden planks left. So why not just use them to make a custom tool holder. Source: Allremont

Use a pegboard

Haokoo - Paigu

By installing a perforated sheet metal panel on a wall of your garage or garden shed, you will multiply in three steps the storage space for your tools. Space saving guaranteed! Sources: DonDeHogar - Krasivdom

Crates of wine to store tools

Martha Stewart

Rather than throwing away your empty cases of wine, stack them up to create pretty storage spaces for your garden tools. Play on heights and dimensions for an unstructured and authentic effect. Source: Martha Stewart