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10 thoughtful studio ideas

10 thoughtful studio ideas

Living in a small space requires a certain dose of ingenuity to optimize the space as much as possible while maintaining a pleasant aesthetic. To organize your studio, we invite you to discover 10 practical and decorative solutions that are sure to inspire you.

Delimited spaces

Paragraph To delimit the spaces of this studio without closing them and while optimizing the space, we opt for wooden lockers which come to create both a partition and a storage space between the bed of the sleeping area and the desk which will also serve as a table for meals. The partition can thus be moved as required.

A library to separate spaces

Paragraph Also, to isolate the sleeping area from the rest of the room, you can place a large bookcase in the center of the room. You will also gain storage space to optimize space.

One studio, two spaces

Alinéa In this studio, the two sleeping areas and bathroom are perfectly separated using a very thin partition first but also thanks to a significant color differentiation between khaki and orange.

A kitchen / living / dining room

Alinéa In a studio, we don't hesitate to group the different rooms in the same space to benefit from all the comfort in a reduced space. So you can install the kitchen against a wall and use the table as a worktop and dining area. Then add a sofa to the room to create a sitting area.

A circular space

Alinéa In this studio, space is organized around a section of wall placed in the center of the room. Life is then organized in a circular fashion with a bedroom on one side and a kitchen / dining area on the other but also on the sides with a desk for example which is installed astride the two rooms.

A half-delimited space

Leroy Merlin To separate the spaces and get a little privacy in a minimum of space, we put on a small partition that will share the space only on half of the room. We then use this partition as a decorative asset with stickers for example.

A studio thought up

Ikea In this studio, we optimize the space so as to use the beautiful ceiling height. The cupboards are thus very high and the bed is placed in a mezzanine in part of the space.

A room in height

Ikea Here, the studio is organized in a classic way and it is only the bed which reminds us that it is a studio since there is no bedroom to speak of but a mezzanine which isolates the bed in height.

A long studio

Ikea To organize the different living spaces, we use the length of the studio by placing each activity of the room in succession in the space. Only the bed finds its place above the other spaces thanks to the mezzanine.