The wardrobe according to Leroy Merlin

The wardrobe according to Leroy Merlin

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Leroy Merlin democratizes the wardrobe and makes many solutions accessible to everyone. You will certainly find what you need in your budget. Discover the editorial team's top 10 favorites for a low-priced decorative wardrobe.

Mounted on racks

Leroy Merlin It is certainly the option that gives you the most freedom in the creation of your wardrobe. Attach metal racks to the walls then install drawers, shelves and rods as desired.

On a wall

Leroy Merlin The walk-in closet does not have to go all around a room, you can completely choose to cover only one wall, the options are endless.

A basic dressing room

Leroy Merlin When you don't have a whole room to install your wardrobe, the Leroy Merlin Modul'Basic is an excellent option. It provides you with a column of shelves as well as a rod that you can install wherever you want. Modul'Basic by Leroy Merlin, € 29.90

The economical solution

Leroy Merlin On the same principle as the Modul'Basic, the Modul'Eco by Leroy Merlin allows you to install where you want two wardrobes and a column of shelves. It can prove to be an excellent solution for the interior design of a closet. Modul'Eco by Leroy Merlin, € 49.90

Dressing kit

Leroy Merlin A storage column, a shelf and a wardrobe, that's all you need to create a wardrobe worthy of the name. As in the picture, install the Modul'Kit in a recess in your wall. Leroy Merlin's Modul'Kit, € 69.90

For interior design

Leroy Merlin As can be seen on the right of the image, the Modul'Kit can also be used to ideally arrange the interior of a closet. Clever and flexible!

For a large dressing room

Leroy Merlin More expensive but also more complete, the Modul'Pack by Leroy Merlin offers a very complete dressing solution with no less than two storage columns, two wardrobes and a large shelf. Modul'Pack by Leroy Merlin, € 199.90

The space you need

Leroy Merlin Modular, the Leroy Merlin Spaceo solution adapts to your desires and needs. Here, we find the option in white plywood or wood, without doors. Spaceo by Leroy Merlin, from € 159.80

The luxury option

Leroy Merlin Spaceo adapts to both your desires and your means. The range also offers a more luxurious version, with oak effect doors. Spaceo Home by Leroy Merlin, € 539.40