Boca do Lobo, the Portuguese brand that mixes art and decoration

Boca do Lobo, the Portuguese brand that mixes art and decoration

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The Portuguese brand Boca do Lobo began its history in 2005 with the Soho buffet. Presented in London, it was a great success and the manufacturer is now working with the support of 25 craftsmen to carry out its high-end projects. Combining classicism, design and art, the brand is betting on transforming tradition into creation. And it works: baroque, rococo and resolutely ambitious, Boca Do Lobo surprises us. Focus on 10 major pieces from his collection!

The Diamond buffet, a setting for storing your dishes

Boca do Lobo This emerald green diamond dares frank color and puts on quality: entirely handmade, the sideboard hides behind its three carved doors an interior whose finishes are made with gold leaf! Available in many finishes.

The Pixel high sideboard, catchy of light

Boca do Lobo This elegant and sophisticated buffet with a magnificent Art Deco spirit, consists of 1088 triangles, available in a multitude of woods and finishes. A goldsmith's work! It is intended to be a concrete application of the meeting of design and craftsmanship.

The monochrome buffet to see life in blue

Boca do Lobo A tribute to Yves Klein and his famous eponymous blue color? Perhaps. In any case, this buffet impresses with its presence, its volume and its textures sublimated by the monochrome. Very contemporary, its shine contrasts with its organic forms and this is what makes it so original.

The Symphony buffet, absolute modernity

Boca do Lobo This limited edition, inspired by music, has taken hold of the past (the organs present in churches) to reinterpret it into a real contemporary creation. Handcrafted, this buffet takes up space, imposes itself naturally while preserving a discreet elegance. An incredible piece, deliciously luxurious.

The Versailles sofa, a kitsch design with a monumental effect

Boca do Lobo Extravagant, exuberant, an apology for kitsch: how to define this completely crazy sofa? With its wooden structure, carved by hand, covered with resin worked with stone restoration techniques, it will be the cult object of the most extroverted.

The Newton console, futurism in the living room

Boca do Lobo The Newton series console, inspired by the dining table, defies the laws of physics! It seems suspended in levitation with its metal spheres and half-spheres, agglutinated and offset. A futuristic piece, which fits as well in a classic interior as in a refined space.

The Eden coffee table in the heart of the garden

Boca do Lobo This imposing work in gold-plated molten brass represents the heart of the tree and refers to the story of the birth of desire. Its voluptuousness and its soft forms give it a luxurious character less ostentatious than the rest of the collection and a reassuring solidity.

The dichotomous design of the Lapiaz coffee table

Boca do Lobo We love this contrasting block that serves as a coffee table. We like the double exploitation of contrast: that of color and crack. Full and empty, shade and light. Made of polished, mirrored and lacquered brass, it is available in many finishes.

The extreme shine of the Fortuna dining table

Boca do Lobo Imposing, monumental and brilliant, this table made of brass and wood is a creation that does not go unnoticed. Far from the sleek and discreet design, we immerse ourselves in visible luxury, in gold that sparkles with a thousand lights and in the choice of organic and vegetable forms. A playing card for an interior that throws away, provided you do not overload the rest.