The ideal colors in the bathroom

The ideal colors in the bathroom

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How to choose the color that will give personality to your bathroom? The one able to translate the sensations you want to find in this space? Between tonic colors, neutral shades, pastel and fluorescent colors, it is not always easy to make a choice as the color palette is large. To help you in this task, the editorial team invites you to discover its selection of the most beautiful tones and the most beautiful hues to become the master of colors, find the ideal color and create a space that suits you. Discovery!

Primary colors for arty bathrooms

Delpha Likewise, primary colors will easily become embedded in contemporary and trendy bathrooms. An arty touch, inspired by Mondrian's paintings, which is not without displeasing us!

Pastel colors for Nordic decoration

Delpha To recreate this soft and gourmet atmosphere in the bathroom, pastel shades are our best allies. Sky blue, candy pink or chick yellow… refreshing colors that we don't hesitate to display on our walls and decorative accessories for a bathroom full of reliefs.

Green water for a homecoming

Ikea For a fresh and invigorating bathroom that breathes nature, you have to rely on the color green. Associated with light wood, it is of the most beautiful effect. See rather!

Yellow for a sunny bathroom

Tollens With the yellow color, good humor is there! Warm, it certainly creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is most pleasant.

Nude colors for a timeless bathroom

Delpha Whether your bathroom is designer, classic, Zen or natural, nude tones are welcome. This set of soft, clear and harmonious tones will lighten your space while bringing it light.

Gray for a refined bathroom

Burgbad If gray has often been shunned, it is today asserting itself as the color of elegance. In the bathroom, there is no question of escaping this tidal wave. From floor to ceiling, it becomes our best decorative ally!

White and black, the perfect combo

Perene Chic and in the era of time, black and white easily finds its place in the bathroom. We never tire of this graphic duo that we take pleasure to discover on our coatings, our sanitary and our furniture.

Blue for a soothing and maritime decor

Delpha Synonymous with well-being and purity, blue invites relaxation and soothing, no wonder that this color has always been favored in the bathroom. Whether it is displayed on the walls, whether it takes up residence on our carpets or on our decorative accessories, blue makes the bathroom the perfect place to meet.

Red for an invigorating bathroom

Decotec On our furniture or on our decorative accessories, with a brushstroke, red has the art and the way of heating a bathroom and diffusing a very energizing energy. A color to adopt sparingly, however.

Flashy pink for a girly bathroom

Ikea Often favored in the bedroom of little girls, flashy pink also finds its place in the bathroom for a feminine and glamorous atmosphere. The decor tip: mix girly pink with more classic materials and shapes or combine it with neutral tones for a trendy bathroom.

Soft pink for a romantic bathroom

Verdun kitchens Synonymous with softness and femininity, soft pink is one of those colors that one likes to adopt in the bathroom. Combined with white, it suggests an elegant, soothing atmosphere and a touch of romance. The decor tip: bet on the Rose Quartz, elected color of the year 2016 with the blue Serenity.

Natural and mineral colors

Ideal standard For a calm and soothing bathroom, you can count on mineral colors. You can use gray tiles that mimic stone and combine it with decorative accessories in terracotta or wood. Back to basics guaranteed!

Beige makes the bathroom shine

Ideal Standard Ideal alternative to pure white, beige, a natural, elegant and timeless color, easily finds its place in the bathroom. Its advantage: it brings comfort and brightness to the room it dresses while visually giving a feeling of space. A color that we do not hesitate to adopt in our bathroom.

White for a timeless decoration

Ikea Whether your bathroom is designer, contemporary or Scandinavian in style, the color white is a sure bet that lends itself to all styles. In total look or with a small touch, it transforms the toilet space into a place where you feel good.

Bright colors for a warm bathroom

Tarket Nothing like warm colors: yellow, orange or fuchsia to increase the intimacy of our bathroom and create a welcoming atmosphere in a few strokes. The great idea: combine them to create a decor with a strong personality, color block trend.

Brown for a cozy atmosphere

Ikea By choosing to opt for the brown color, you will give a warm and reassuring side to your bathroom. The decor idea: play with different shades, even different materials for a 100% cozy atmosphere.

Plum color for trendy bathrooms

Matelpro For some, the plum color may seem too aggressive. However, combined with white or neutral colors, it can easily reveal the architecture of our bathroom. So it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it, right?

Purple for a boudoir bathroom

Delpha Purple is installed in the bathroom to delight fans of the boudoir style. From very soft mauve to intense purple, we like it associated with many fabrics and furniture with feminine curves.

Black is black!

Keramag Design Black does not necessarily create a dark atmosphere. On the contrary, it can create a case that underlines the chic of a bathroom. We say yes to black, but in small doses.