Where and how to store the washing machine at home?

Where and how to store the washing machine at home?

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Purely functional, rarely beautiful, the washing machine is also a real headache in terms of layout. Will it be installed in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the garage or in the laundry room? Will it be hidden behind a cupboard, planted in the open or lined with a dryer? Before deciding, see what the different alternatives look like:

In the kitchen

Ikéa ### For lack of space or for a question of preference, the washing machine is also available in the kitchen under the worktop. Hidden behind a door, it is even very discreet!

Under the bathroom sink

Ikéa ### Under the sink of the bathroom, the washing machine combines discretion and space saving spirit. On the aesthetic side, we also like the choice of a color other than white, like the black of this washing machine, in total harmony with the black & white style of the decor!

Discovered in the bathroom

Ikéa ### If the sink is not suitable for accommodating a washing machine under her breast, and the size of the bathroom allows, you can always store it in the open. Of course, the idea is then to optimize the space lost above it with a dryer, storage…

In the garage

Leroy Merlin ### When the garage is sufficiently spacious and adequately insulated, nothing prevents us from installing a small laundry area. The advantage: here, it in no way distorts the decor!

Hidden in a closet

Leroy Merlin ### Imposing a little discretion on unsightly household appliances is ingenious. Behind a custom-made sliding unit, or not, the washing machine is completely forgotten from the decor, regardless of where it is located: bathroom, laundry room, hallway…

In a small space

Leroy Merlin ### Even reducing space, the washing machine can also invest a room with its side dryer ... by superimposing the latter on the first! Everything to win in the end, a few precious square centimeters.

In the laundry room

Goal ### This is the solution that everyone dreams of: installing the washing machine in a laundry room. A space dedicated to extra white, clean, cleaning products and batches of carefully folded clothes. In short, a space that lives only around a washing machine and who doesn't care that it is not decorative!