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10 tea rooms that inspire us

10 tea rooms that inspire us

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A veritable institution in England, the tea room is currently enjoying great popularity in France, to the point that it has become one of the privileged haunts for a gourmet meeting between girlfriends. Relaxed, rather chic, even downright luxurious, we open the doors of 10 tea rooms as inspired as they are inspiring.

Retro hideout

Play like a girl At La Chambre des oiseaux, no frills! The atmosphere is relaxed, warm and friendly, like the living room of our grandmothers. Floral wallpaper inspired by the prints of yesteryear, porcelain dishes, large armchairs, this vintage tea room restaurant really has it all! ** The decorating idea to remember **: decorate your walls with retro wallpaper to give a vintage look to your kitchen.

Flower cascade

Julie Ansiau A light spring breeze blows at Lily of the Valley, a tiny bohemian-style tearoom of only 14 m². Its uniqueness: its floral ceiling. An idea that we do not hesitate to adopt to personalize a pergola or to enhance a country setting on festive evenings.

Indian inspiration

The bad guy's blog Bright surroundings, powdery colors and ethnic furniture… welcome to Maha Café, a lassi bar tea room with an innovative concept which aims to introduce us to a hidden side of Indian culture. Furniture and a color code that we do not hesitate to adopt in our kitchens for a gourmet and spicy atmosphere. Maha cafe


Slow Concept Combining commerce, conviviality and ethics, this is the ambitious project of Audrey Terran, founder of the Slow concept store and tea room. On the program: decorative items, jewelry and accessories and stationery combining design and ethics. Where how to recover materials and objects recovered or become unused. Slow Concept

Classic charm

Sebastien Gaudard The idea to remember in this hushed tearoom with the eclecticism of the past century: its many open shelves which offer an elegant presentation of the products on sale. An interesting solution for storing dishes and condiments in our kitchen. Tuileries pastry

The art of mix & match

Café Pinson Coffee shop ambience for this spot in the Marais in Paris which has an eclectic decor, a touch of Scandinavian style. Farandole of chairs with retro or more contemporary curves, tables and counter in solid wood, depolluting plants ... this is the successful cocktail of Café Pinson. At home, take inspiration from this universe to combine different models of multicolored chairs around a rustic dining table. Pinson coffee

Suspended lights

Bombay cafe This is an elegant setting where it is good to drink a tea or revel in a sweet sweetness during a stopover in London. What we like here: the hanging lights that give a cozy touch to the tea room. Bombay cafe

Chiad decor

Parisianavores Large cozy bench that follows the shapes of the Rotunda, graphic cushions, black tables and chairs, here is the Rose Bakery tea room at Bon Marché. A bright tea room with ultra chic and contemporary decor. Rose bakery tea room

Old world charm

Louves This is the kind of warm and cozy place where you like to bask in winter. Tables and chairs for old schoolchildren, furniture from the past, old cast iron stoves, a home-like atmosphere… you would spend the day there. To transcribe this authentic and friendly atmosphere in your kitchen with the sweet scent of yesteryear, bet on professional furniture: butcher's block, workbench or haberdashery furniture for example. Granny Cake