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Where to store your cookbooks?

Where to store your cookbooks?

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Our kitchens are becoming beautiful, more and more equipped and have become a popular playground for the French, who spend more and more time there. But one question remains: what to do with all these cookbooks, whether we buy compulsively or to perfect our mastery of this gourmet art? Indispensable when you simmer a dish to check a cooking time or a dosage, real bibles for some, cookbooks have a hard time finding their place. To remedy this, here are 10 ideas to store your cookbooks in a practical and elegant way.

Swing for cookbooks

Outofstock In a Scandinavian kitchen, we opt for small swing shelves, light and airy. They will contain our cookbooks but also nice accessories. An elegant mix that combines decoration and storage. You can also make your own wooden shelf yourself.

A library table

Schmidt If you have a large table, why not create an extension to store your favorite cookbooks. Ditto if you have a central island, which can prove to be a perfect container to have your recipes at hand.

Books in boxes

Rain on a tin roof Ideal solution for creating volume in the kitchen, boxes fixed to the wall are transformed into mini-libraries. In wood, metal, solid or mesh, the choice is yours!

A bar that hides a library

Cuisinella In an American kitchen, the base of the bar is used as a library. This discreet solution makes it possible to clearly delimit the living room space (with visible books) from the kitchen space, while keeping its preferred volumes within reach.

A bohemian chic composition

Peter Carlsson for Hus & Hem To integrate your cookbooks into existing storage, we focus on color and the mix and match effect. Copper pots, teapots and kettles are displayed alongside colorful works for a vibrant and lively cuisine. The idea to remember: wedge the books between 2 glass cupboards to bring out the pop colors of this improvised library.

All in height!

Cloud Studio You have no place for your books? Consider creating a wall column with shelves, to install at the end of an open kitchen or on a small section of wall. By using the height, not only will you create a new storage space but you will energize the room by changing the perspectives.

Book compartments

Hübsch For storing and organizing your cookbooks, opt for wall shelves with compartments. They will allow you to sort your works according to their sizes or subjects in a minimum of space. Practical storage that you choose in zinc for an industrial style. The trick: we fix the shelf where we want! In the dining room, in a corner, or why not an entrance, no need to restrict yourself to the kitchen.

A work plan enlivened by books

Amory Brown Ltd What if beauty comes from simplicity? The perfect solution if you run out of shelves is to have your books on the worktop. A way to showcase your prettiest specimens while keeping them as close as possible to you.

The shelf becomes a library

Ikea Between two wall storage or in an element from which we have removed our door, we expose our cookbooks in height. In addition to being practical, this configuration brings a very nice decorative touch to a white kitchen, a little too refined.