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Fans of unusual kitchen accessories by Atypyk

Fans of unusual kitchen accessories by Atypyk

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It was hard to miss the Atypyk stand at the Maison & Objet trade fair. The favorite brand of unusual and offbeat decorative items has still amazed us with its creativity and sense of humor. The opportunity to bring in our basket, 10 kitchen accessories with the sole intention of: breaking stereotypes and impressing the gallery…

My piece of cake

Atypyk This is a dessert plate that definitely goes off the beaten track. Cut into the shape of a piece of cake, it limits our indulgence but inspires a smile…

Salt ball

Atypyk Snow globes and the fascination they cause have gone through generations. But by metamorphosing into unusual salt shakers, they agree this time, an extra dose of fantasy that we hasten to validate. It remains to shake this magic invention on our plates!

Who spilled my glass of water?

Atypyk Provocative and decidedly full of humor, the trivets in trompe-l'oeil fashion play on us. In the shape of a mini puddle, it creates the illusion that we spilled our glass!

Salad wrenches

Would Atypyk Cooking and DIY be one? This is what seems to imply these salad spoons in the shape of… adjustable wrenches.

Candlelit dinner

Atypyk Nothing like a corkscrew / candlestick to accompany our evenings both romantic and well watered.

Cheese sponge

Atypyk Wash dishes with a Swiss cheese sponge? Great fun!

Falsely natural

Atypyk Tired of purely useful trivets, Atypyk offers us a much more decorative version: a laser cut beech model, perfectly imitating the look of tree trunks. For a meal more real than life, we say yes!

Cutting book

Atypyk No, this is not the real Romeo & Juliet book, but a more than original cutting board for lovers of ... cooking.

Children's tablecloth

Atypyk The artistic vein of the little ones revamps this unusual cotton tablecloth to immerse us in childhood for a meal.