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Visit to the botanical garden of the city of Metz

Visit to the botanical garden of the city of Metz

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It reigns like an air of England in the heart of the capital of the Moselle. In this large urban park of 4.4 hectares, the paths undulate following the reliefs of the terrain, the massifs seem to have sprung quite naturally from the ground that carries them while, on both sides, water points energize the 'space and call the eye ... First private, the park was bought by the city in 1866 and entrusted to the architect Demoget who will give it this landscaped or "English" style. It also shelters thematic gardens, vast greenhouses as well as an arboretum rich in many centenary trees. The visit is made on foot or by taking the little rail train which offers its services on summer afternoons. Good visit.

The big greenhouse

Jean-Claude Kanny - Moselle Tourisme The large greenhouse was built for the city's universal exhibition in 1861 It now houses the collections of orchids, cacti and palm trees from the garden.

Centennial trees

Jean-Claude Kanny - Moselle Tourisme The park contains more than a hundred varieties of trees - giant sequoia, California nutmeg, liquidambar, bald cypress ... - among which many hundred-year-old subjects.

Themed gardens

Jean-Claude Kanny - Moselle Tourisme Since its expansion in 1997, the garden has had new themed areas to visit, including a lake, a scent garden or a garden with grasses.

In the shade of the big trees

Jean-Claude Kanny - Moselle Tourisme The garden has an arboretum with many centuries-old varieties. The shade of these large trees creates a climate conducive to rhododendrons and azaleas which flourish at their feet.

Roses and more roses…

Jean-Claude Kanny - Moselle Tourisme The rose garden brings together most categories of roses: stems, climbing, bedding, large flowers… It also has a small collection of old roses that welcomes visitors to the enclosure grid of the garden.

Piece of water

Jean-Claude Kanny - Moselle Tourisme Numerous water features enliven the garden, creating a surprise at the bend of an alley or below a valley.

The rose garden

Jean-Claude Kanny - Moselle Tourisme What would a garden be without its rose garden? Established according to a regular and geometric layout, that of the Botanical Garden of the city of Metz welcomes 80 varieties.

English curves

Jean-Claude Kanny - Moselle Tourisme The park was designed by landscaper Antoine Demoget according to the principle of English gardens. Thus, the curved alleys wind between the massifs of varying heights while guiding the visitor to the many pools in the park.

Blooming azaleas and rhododendrons

Jean-Claude Kanny - Moselle Tourisme Overall, the Botanical Garden offers 4.4 hectares of discovery through landscaped areas with many faces.