Modern fantasy for an apartment in Beijing

Modern fantasy for an apartment in Beijing

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Paying homage to the extravagance of post-modernism, Dariel Studio and its designer Thomas Dariel imagined a daring apartment that responds to the eccentric personality of their client. Result? 1,500m2 colorful where materials, lines and patterns tell a modern fantasy in the amazing city of Peking / Beijing. Visit.

Spaces defined by their decoration

Dariel Studio Thomas Dariel has chosen to give a significant feeling of volume and even immensity to this apartment. For this, he imagined a completely open space on the first floor. Instead of walls, the designer plays with materials, colors and lines to define spaces like here where the wall decoration allows you to imagine the function of the room.

A psychedelic living room

Dariel Studio The games of illusion and the staging of the space continue in the living room where the ceiling is covered with mirror beams which offer an interesting game of reflection on both the first and second floors. Difficult then to know where the piece begins and where it stops. And the wall patterns further accentuate this feeling of loss of meaning. The furniture, with clean lines, then both reinforces and soothes this graphic game.

Design and postmodernism

Dariel Studio Whether on the walls or in the furniture, we find the idea of ​​a tribute to postmodernist art. The walls that contain the storage then hold more of Pietr Mondrian's works of art than the simple closet door for an effective trompe l'oeil. The spirit is joyful and plays with the codes of childhood as much by the color as by the choice of accessories and the playful environment created.

Artwork walls

Dariel Studio In the bathroom too, the walls are meant to be the central element of the decor, always with pure and playful colors and lines which energize a simple and refined design to give it dynamism. Or when the tiling transcends a room.

Revisited codes

Dariel Studio Nothing is left to chance in the design of Thomas Dariel and even the doors disappear behind bold patterns. The traditional moldings dress the walls in geometric freedom and a touch of pop, by adding color. An energized wall and an almost forgotten door!

A galactic bathroom

Dariel Studio Like a vessel, the bathtub plays the card of the central island and becomes the star of this bathroom dressed in bold tiling. Pixel-like mosaic for ultra-geometric walls and floors transport you to another galaxy.

A monumental staircase

Dariel Studio To connect the two floors? A masterpiece staircase that installs in the center of the apartment and offers fluid and artistic curves, a true continuity of the decor.

A playground room

Dariel Studio Back to childhood in style in this room which uses animal motifs to create a surreal decor. You can easily recognize design pieces from Magis with the Dodo or Kartell with the dwarf garden side table imagined by Starck. An ode to contemporary design.

The line as a guideline

Dariel Studio Graphic is the word we could remember from this creation by Thomas Dariel who skillfully plays with lines and offers bridges between walls, furniture and accessories. Bold.