Flowers for all rooms

Flowers for all rooms

So that women no longer complain about not receiving enough flowers, this motif is brought into the house and more particularly into the bedroom where the softness and delicacy of the flowers will be appreciated. Do you think that the floral motif does not suit your decor style? Think again, it's a chameleon motif to discover in pictures!

Flowers in baroque fashion

Kelly Hoppen Flowers and a baroque style, it's possible! For this, we put on big theatrical flowers and we choose a bold color code that plays with contrasts to create an original baroque atmosphere using red and black wallpaper.

Flowers for a charming universe

Ikea In a room with feminine accents, flowers will be the starting point for decoration. They are used on all textiles, whether bed linen or curtains, to create a very romantic country atmosphere.

Flowers in a designer atmosphere

Blanc des Vosges If your room has designer furniture, it does not mean that your bed linen cannot accommodate flowers. We simply choose a bed linen with refined patterns with some flowers drawn in black lines to keep a chic and simple look.

Flowers give the countryside chic spirit

Saint Maclou In your chic country-style bedroom which already features gingham and striped patterns, you can also add flowers because they will blend very well with other patterns, bringing a touch of charm.

Flowers to awaken a white decor

Maisons du monde If your room is white, know that flowers will help you to wake up your decor by bringing in discreet touches of color. For example, choose a white cloth that has a colored border and a few flowers that take on that color.

Flowers to soften a rough decor

Ikea In a raw decor also flowers find their place to soften the whole. We then put on colorful floral patterns with retro accents to create an original shift. Do not hesitate to mix several flower patterns on the bed to create an accumulation.

Garden-style flowers

Ikea What if the bedroom turns into a garden? We put for this on a delicate floral bed linen that meets the green walls for a natural and original effect. The flowers will not fail to bring a classic aspect which will reduce the liveliness of the green.

Flowers for the feminine touch

Ikea In a slightly masculine room, why not add a flowery bedspread that will feminize the decor and give it a touch of softness while retaining a contemporary decor.