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Ideas to stitch to revamp the stairs

Ideas to stitch to revamp the stairs

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Dress up the stairs? Fastoche! You just have to follow our decor ideas to get there. Objective: to make them decorative and stylized.

Choice carpet

Saint Maclou The makeover goes through the dressing. Here, this covering is called "carpet", namely a striped ultra looké model which makes the descent and the ascent of the steps, oddly more chic.

Retro tiles

Carocim Checkered effect tiles, a few cat paw patterns on the latter: and the stairs take us back in time in two or three movements!

Red color

Ikea No need for a red carpet for this staircase which plays the star just by its color. Like what, a touch of paint is enough to give it an incredible value.

Stylized ramp

Brigitte Saby And hop! We swap the wooden ramp for a wonderfully braided ramp: or the detail that really changes everything…

Library effect

Ikea Planting a library atmosphere on the stairs means giving them a literary style while making them more functional and more attractive. Who says better ?

My beautiful carpet

Brigitte Saby To line the stairs is to transform them! Thanks to this chic linen-colored model, it is with flying colors that we succeed in achieving magic.

Decorative paintings

Leroy Merlin To transform its stairs into an art gallery, all you have to do is staggered to display decorative paintings of all kinds from the bottom to the top of the steps!