When fashion inspires decoration

When fashion inspires decoration

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The decor draws its inspiration from fashion catwalks. For several years it has been interesting to note how it revisits the movements to appropriate them in the house. Trend rock, pastel, brocade, neon, over size ... find their interpretation at home! So to dress your interior as you dress your figure, discover 10 trends to steal in fashion!


Little Green The brocade adds a luxurious and classic look. This ornamentation should be adopted sparingly because its excessive load of patterns earns it a special place in a small room to intimidate it. Therefore to be prescribed in the entrance or the office.

Indigo blue

Chic Cham Indigo blue is the essential color of the year. Its deep and intense color will delight cushions, curtains and bed linen.

Pastel colors

Little Green You will have noticed it, but the pastel colors have come down from the fashion catwalks to invade the decor. Sky blue, dragée pink and almond green infuse a romantic atmosphere marked by sweetness.

Over size

Fatboy Oversized but terribly comfortable, the cushions are the stars of the decor provided they are XXXL. An invitation to take your time and rest.


Ikea The famous checkered pattern is back in force in the house. On the floor as on the walls and even on textiles, it imprints its graphic style and its rigor in decoration.


Sanderson Impossible to ignore this trend, which for several seasons has already taken over the shelves of stores. Fashion and decoration do not stand up to its flawless and colorful side.


Ferm Living Whether horizontal or vertical, the stripes are to your heart's content. On carpets, cushions, bed linen or walls, they star and impose their righteousness on the decor.


Fly The rock attitude has not spared the decor. A trend that finds pride of place in the teenage bedroom. Black, stage instruments and skulls are waiting for you.


Chic Cham The leopard print is wreaking havoc. As with fashion, better avoid the total look. Instead, bet on decorative accessories that will install the pattern while avoiding overdose.