The decor loves peas

The decor loves peas

Peas like the big ones are displayed in decor in the bedroom of children, parents and even in the living rooms. Often in number, they invest in textiles, walls and accessories. A tendency to discover urgently to round the corners ...

Stylized dots on the walls

This wallpaper sprinkles the wall of buttons for a revisited quilting effect. In addition to offering volume on the wall, it is part of the new "Granny" trend.

Peas on the cushions

Wake up a sleeping decor by placing polka dot cushions on a bench. Placed among plain cushions, they enhance each other.

Peas on the covers

Energize your bed by arranging a polka dot bed runner. Stylized with white dots on a khaki background, it stimulates and brightens the bed adorned with white sheets. An effective way to restore volume.

Polka dots on the armchairs

Peas topped with fine flowers nicely decorate this toad armchair. It harmonizes with a cushion in the same tones for a very trendy vintage spirit.

Polka dots on bed linen

The bed linen awakens with colored dots. Blue, pink and green combine with each other to comfortably settle in the children's room.

Peas on the bed

Sheets and bedspreads are also affected by the pea virus. In a discreet version, they are in tone on tone for a smooth entry.

Dots on the wallpaper

The wallpaper is littered with polka dots in the bathroom. Like soap bubbles taking off, the aquatic motif of this wallpaper goes perfectly with the beige and light blue of the decor.

Peas with stickers

Bring personality to simple closet doors with polka dot stickers. In cheerful and sparkling colors, they enliven the room and coordinate with the rest of the decor.

Peas on a headboard

The bed has a beige fabric headboard enhanced with velvet dots. In cheerful colors, it revives the sober decoration of the room.