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Lazing around in Tuscany: the perfect home

Lazing around in Tuscany: the perfect home

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In the middle of the Tuscan countryside, in the middle of the fields, there is an old house entirely redecorated by Elodie Lesire and her architectural and interior design firm Dmesure. A true haven of peace surrounded by greenery, this country house lacks nothing. Visit.

Save the natural

Dmesure / Elodie Sire A house in the Italian countryside only makes sense if it has a swimming pool. As beautiful as it is, some would say that it should not be the first thing you see when you leave the house. Here, it is located below, just after a pretty stone wall.

Safe Haven

Dmesure / Elodie Sire To be able to enjoy the swimming pool as it should be, pretty deckchairs are essential. Arranged on the lawn, at the water's edge, they are perfect for an instant relaxation before taking a dip in the pool.

Terrace with view

Dmesure / Elodie Sire The best country houses, whatever their surface, offer multiple little corners, so that everyone has their place of rest. On the roofs of our Tuscan house, a pretty stone terrace is decorated with colorful cushions and allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside.

A sheltered terrace

Dmesure / Elodie Sire This terrace sheltered by a pretty awning allows the owners of the house to enjoy the outdoors until late in the year. Its comfortable benches are in fact placed near a fireplace which can warm up the autumn evenings.

Beautiful stones inside

Dmesure / Elodie Sire The identity of this house has been preserved, inside and out. The furniture, as modern as it is, highlights its old stones. Here, the kitchen opens onto a large wooden dining table.

Visible beams

Dmesure / Elodie Sire In the living room, the rustic and modern style blend perfectly. The beautiful stones on the floor and the exposed beams very nicely frame modern furniture and abstract paintings.

Bedroom and office

Dmesure / Elodie Sire In this attic room, the bedroom area is separated from the desk by a very large headboard. A nice way to arrange two rooms in one.

A room with light colors

Dmesure / Elodie Sire For this second bedroom, the exposed beams have been lightened to be able to better match the pastel colors of the bed linen. The original elements of the piece? The bed is placed on a wooden platform and a wicker garden armchair is hung on the beams.

A bathroom worthy of kings

Dmesure / Elodie Sire Behind two old-fashioned wrought iron doors is a beautiful hip bath. At the end of the bathroom, a large wooden panel screen.