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Let’s lift the veil on the garden!

Let’s lift the veil on the garden!

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Parasols, arbors and pergolas are not the only ones to shade the garden in style. More fanciful, more chic and above all hyper-trendy, the canvases stretched over the terraces or relaxation areas, also deserve our attention. And it's not this overview that will leave you indifferent!


Castorama On the heights of the patio, well above the first level of the house, two triangular canvases were stretched, like masts in the open sea. Chic-issime!


AM.PM Like a four-poster bed enveloping the sleeper between its light curtains, this pretty musketeer shelters gently and romantically, a lounge chair inviting to laziness…


Ikéa In total agreement with the white and navy blue table decoration, this striped sheer curtain in the same tones, completes the set with chic.

Low altitude

Castorama Flying over the terrace at low altitude, this shade cloth forms a delicate and comforting sky under which it is good to have lunch.


Casino A triangular canvas to shade the terrace? Yes, but by daring to bring out a summer color, maxi punchy, it's


Ikéa Venue decorate more than shade the terrace, this highly flowery curtain brings a soft spring lightness to the large table that it overlooks. A lovely idea!


AM.PM Stretched over 3 comfortable maxi outdoor lounge chairs, this white canvas creates a haven of peace where you can relax quietly away from the sun.


AM.PM Stretched at most between 4 stakes, this canvas adopts the "explorer" attitude to form a very adventurous and nicely shaded rest area.


AM.PM Above the terrace corner, a miniature canvas makes it possible to obscure the few rays of the sun which could possibly annoy the guests at breakfast / lunch / tea and dinner time.