The same for less: a decorative vase

The same for less: a decorative vase

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Decorative object in its own right, the vase dresses your interior in a subtle and original way. Clean, classic, contemporary or offbeat design, this decorative accessory can easily adapt to your interior. has found for you original and trendy vases that will appeal to all budgets.

Bonareva rounded tube vase 165.75 euros / High quality rounded vase Dko Style 69 euros

Bonareva - Dko Style Bonerava signs a rounded tube vase in hyper design opaque glass for a resolutely trendy style. Seen at Dko Style, the second will meet the expectations of the most modest budgets.

Vase high hole latitude Socadis 129 euros / Vase design aluminum drop Price 57.95 euros

Socadis - Paris Prix The rounded and slender shapes of the Socadis vase will bring a touch of modernity to your interior. Small grants will rather opt for its counterpart.

Vase in the shape of a heart Leonardo Coté Maison 15.05 euros / Vase heart Atlas 12.50 euros

Coté Maison - Atlas You were seduced by the singular design of the Coté Maison vase, you will be seduced by the cheaper one we have found for you, ideal for hosting Valentine's Day flowers.

Porcelain Cream Carton Jatta Lavi 39 euros / Milk brick vase Pacco Bello 36.90 euros

Jatta Lavi - DR No more mundane transparent vase! By creating this "Carafe Vase", the Finnish ceramist Jatta Lavi reinterprets the traditional milk carton. The result is surprising, both design, fun and offbeat. Less expensive, the Pacco Bello design vase is inspired by it.

Pebble vase La Maison de Pompon 14 euros / White Ceramic Pebble Vase Yaka Deco 4.90 euros

La Maison de Pompon - Yaka Deco Let yourself be seduced by the very Zen vase by La maison de Pompon which will bring your interior an impression of purity, calm, conducive to relaxation and reflection. In the same spirit but less expensive, the Yaka Deco vase.

Owl glass vase Léonardo Coté Maison 68.70 euros / Owl Bo Concept vase 49 euros

On the House side - Bo Concept Fascinating and mysterious, the owl now finds its place in all trendy decor. The Leonardo vase will enhance the trendiest interiors. More graphic but less expensive, the Bo Concept vase will slip into your space with ease.

Gray blue vase Bloomingville 39 euros / Geometric present time vase 15 euros

Home & Bloomingville - Present Time Geometric shapes seize the world of decoration. Fall for the minimalist graphic lines and a touch of the gray blue Bloomingville vase. In the same spirit, the Present Time vase will bring a refined and design note to your interior. You choose !

Atylia vase 19.95 euros Atylia / Swing Vase Small Normann Copenhagen 25.08 euros

Atylia - Normann Copenhagen Design, the original curves of the mouth-blown Normann Copenhagen vase will swing your flowers. Guaranteed effect! Cheaper, the Atylia vase has the most beautiful effect.

Tulip House Vase Cor Unum 65 euros / Flower House Orange Dutch Design Vase 29 euros

Cor Unum - Orange Dutch Design Unusual and offbeat, the Tulip House ceramic vase by Cor Unum and the Flower House vase inspired by Dutch houses will bring a subtle touch of originality to your interior. The only difference? The price ! You choose.