10 decorative posters to love football

10 decorative posters to love football

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Football is a French passion. And when you're not really a fan of football, it's not always easy. For the recalcitrant of this national sport, we have unearthed original, design or poetic posters that will certainly make you change your mind. When football is decoration, we love it! The proof in pictures.

For a supporters' house

Posters Made In France / Etsy If your family supports the Blues, say it with this minimalist poster made in France. It can be placed in any room of the house, next to the television in the living room, in an entrance hall or even in a boy's room. Price: 7.90 euros on Etsy

A great poster for a soccer god!

Sergeant Paper Notice to fans of Pelé's footwork! The Sergeant Paper brand called upon graphic designer and typographer Zoran Lucic to produce this vintage artprint with a comic strip look. Something to reconcile with football!

Being a patriot in style

Nazar Art / Etsy Throughout the year, the competitions are linked. Post your support for the French team on the walls with this homemade illustration of the French flag. It will be a little more decorative than exhibiting it on your balcony! Price: 14.03 euros. Available on Etsy.

A poster for young and old

Omy This giant coloring poster signed Omy makes you participate in the decoration of your apartment. With your children, you can put color in this football field in black and white and thus create a unique poster. Price: 9.90 euros at Fleux

A revisited movie poster

Cool Republic Zlatan Ibrahimović has definitely become a football legend. A former PSG player, he recently joined the English club Manchester United. For the occasion, the brand Cool Republic has concocted a portrait worthy of a movie poster. Price: 35 euros

A retro look at the show

I love poster / Etsy For those nostalgic for Euro 2016, hang this sleek poster of the young French player Antoine Griezmann, whose very disco typography will find its place perfectly in a slightly retro interior. Price: 20 euros

Misuse a club name

Lawand Moore / Etsy You are a fan of a football club but you do not dare to exhibit it in your decor? Choose this poster that diverts the Arsenal club in one color, as does the Pantone brand. Most ? This will add a touch of color to a slightly dark wall. Price: 9.84 euros on Etsy

Play on colors

Sergeant Paper In an office or a small room, you may well change your mind on football posters when you see this model with the image of the international player Xavier Hernández i Creus (Barcelona). The colors and textures give a vintage atmosphere to the space.

A watercolor poster

Nazar Art / Etsy Finally, this poster may well represent Zlatan Ibrahimović, it is nonetheless very poetic. It will give you the impression that you have a painting hanging on the wall since the footballer is painted in watercolor. Available on Etsy.