DIY to build a mini balcony

DIY to build a mini balcony

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Your corner of greenery measures only a few m2? Never mind ! This summer you are determined to take advantage of it! And for that, it is enough to arrange your balcony taking into account its size and the constraints which result from it. So outdoor furniture, plants in planters, light shows… miniature version! To help you organize your XS green space, here are some inspiring DIYs found on Pinterest.

Pallet floor

Rice and shine If your floor is concrete, covering it with stone paving or grating will immediately transform it. And if you are not a handyman, there are even simpler solutions such as having an outdoor carpet or, as here, diverting recovered pallets. Source: Rice and shine

A mini table

Indie Erny To arrange a cramped balcony, you think you have to ignore outdoor furniture. On the contrary, provided you opt for small elements like this diverted coil. Make space shortage an advantage with a cute DIY balcony mini table! Source: Indie Erny

A light garland

Minieco In a limited decoration, a light garland, thanks to its soft soft light, instantly brings a warm atmosphere. It allows you to extend the moments spent outside and enjoy the balcony late at night! This consists of mini origami lanterns. You can simply opt to replace the colored paper with white paper for a more refined decoration. Source: Minieco

A sheer curtain

Ikea Take advantage of the small space on your balcony to create a shaded area suitable for lazing around which brings a bohemian and romantic touch in the blink of an eye. For this, an old sheet hanging on the barriers or cleats will suffice. Source: Ikea

A vegetable suspension

Fox It is popular and even invites itself into our interiors, you would be wrong to deprive your little corner of the garden! This original suspension allows you to integrate three mini pots that can contain spices or perennials and that you can hang on the shutters to avoid drawing the drill. Source: Fox

A farandole of floor cushions

Dobleufa Do you dream of an outdoor living room? Don't give up! But in the absence of XXL armchairs and a bench, opt for a mini table surrounded by floor cushions. Accumulate them by multiplying the prints to disperse them or arrange them one on top of the other. Your cozy corner takes shape ... Source: Dobleufa

A flowery and colorful vase

Design love fest Failing to accumulate plants you can cheat by installing a vase filled with flowers on your coffee table. For even more personality, it is even better if this vase is home made like this one made with simple ice cream sticks and embellished with a pretty shades of pink and blue. Source: Design love fest

A mini-cabinet

A beautiful mess Don't have room for furniture on your little balcony? This is what you believe! This mini-furniture designed tailor-made for small spaces and reminiscent of an end of sofa slides everywhere. With these two trays, it can accommodate flower pots as well as lemonade. All that remains is to tinker with it! Source: A beautiful mess

Tealight holders

Mini Labo blog To create a warm, friendly atmosphere and spend hours on your balcony, the candle jars in which you slide led tealights are key assets! Inevitably, we prefer them personalized as these models made of cut paper and whose floral patterns will go on all mini balconies. Source: Mini Labo blog