What color to repaint the toilet?

What color to repaint the toilet?

In a house or an apartment, the toilets are sometimes left a little abandoned in terms of decoration. Often quite narrow, this piece is not always highlighted, and that's a shame! To give your toilet a facelift, no need to renovate the entire space, you just need to repaint them. Let yourself be convinced through 20 toilets of different colors which each have their own personality. Let's go !

Blue for a natural piece

Castorama Blue, which refers to water, is one of the most used colors for repainting toilets. It's up to you to choose a more or less dark color, depending on your tastes and the brightness of the room. The little extra: blue brings out a white flap.

Daring the multicolored tiles

Leroy Merlin For a playful and original piece, don't be afraid to play the color card. Instead of choosing just one, transform the room into an unusual space using paint tiles or already colored tiles. Your children and your guests will be delighted!

Choose several colors

Leroy Merlin In order to enlarge a fairly narrow room, you can paint the different sections of walls in different colors. Here, the latter are quite similar but you can choose more contrasting colors. We love the very practical open shelves.

Yellow for vitaminized toilets

Leroy Merlin Bright yellow wakes up your toilet. If you do not want to have a total look, paint only certain parts of the room and add decorative accessories such as a mirror or a wall sticker.

Purple for glamorous toilets

Colora If your toilet is small or on the contrary if it is located in a bathroom, give it a glamorous look with purple paint and patterned wallpaper that will give relief to the space. You can also paint the door of the room the same color.

Ocher for a Scandinavian style

Leroy Merlin Take inspiration from Scandinavian decor and the color of natural wood to repaint your toilets in beige or ocher tones. The latter go very well with white, which is generally the color used for the toilet seat or flush, and the metal of the accessories.

Purple for a design piece

Karwai Mauve is particularly salient with metallic accessories (toilet paper holder, brush and holder ...). It brings a touch of color while remaining fairly neutral. It is an ideal shade in a modern and design room. Do not hesitate to decorate the space as if it were a living room with photo frames and a lamp for example.

Paint stripes

Colora You hesitate between two colors of paint? Do you want to give volume to a long toilet? One tip is to paint two-tone stripes on the walls of the room yourself. A word of advice: use scotch tape or masking tape to draw straight strips.

Fluorescent green for a pop space

Leroy Merlin Here is a piece that will appeal to young and old. The neon green energizes the space and allows it to be customized with shelves, children's drawings or even posters of quotes. To reduce the luminous side of this color, you can apply a second one below.

Black for chic toilets

Colora Black gives a more contemporary but also more elegant atmosphere to toilets. With an immaculate washbasin and flap, you can create a chic black and white style. Paint your room halfway up or to the ceiling.

White for a refined atmosphere

Leroy Merlin Sometimes a simple stroke of white paint can bring a room back to life. In the bathroom, it gives a refined atmosphere, which allows you to be customized as you see fit or to stay cool enough. Remember to clean your room regularly, as it will get dirty very quickly!

Pink for a 100% girly piece

Ikea Be bold and fall for a pink shade in the toilet! It is one of the only rooms where you can allow yourself a little eccentricity without being afraid of getting tired of it. Play on a feminine boudoir atmosphere by adding a mirror, shops and a beauty area.

A wind of nature invades the toilets

Leroy Merlin In this small space, nature has taken back its rights. In addition to the dark green paint, trompe l'oeil wallpaper with tree trunk patterns and hanging flower pots create a kind of green wall. A small corner of intimate and very natural greenery.

A deep blue to escape

Jacob Delafon For toilets that invite you to travel, put a good touch of dark blue paint on the walls. Combine it with a seaside style decor or a minimalist decoration that will significantly enlarge the room, especially if you have installed the bowl in a corner.

Orange for a sunny room

Colora To wake up a small space and add color to your home, bet on orange and red. In tart colors or more pronounced, they will bring warmth and brightness to the room. However, be careful not to overload the walls with storage elements.

Choose two-tone toilets

Ikea Notice to the undecided! You have a good compromise: paint your toilets using two different colors. Here, blue-gray has been adopted for the walls, while white creates continuity with the black and white tiled floor. The little extra? Form a trompe-l'oeil shelf between the two layers of paint.

Have graphic toilets

Leroy Merlin When repainting your toilets, think of the patterns you could put on the walls. Forget the plain pose and create graphic shapes using stencils or tape. Use several colors to dress the space, like here with these rhombuses and triangles with the false air of wallpaper.

Slate for playful toilets

Leroy Merlin A slate painting can transform a wall into a giant painting in just a few hours. In the toilet, this allows children to draw and have fun. You can also write hygiene rules in chalk, for example. Something to impress your guests!

Brown which blends in with the decor

Many Bidets If you have a marble sink, brown tiled floor or wooden storage, the most common color is brown. Thanks to it, you will get a homogeneous decor and a Zen atmosphere.