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Le Terrass Hôtel: an exceptional address in Montmartre

Le Terrass Hôtel: an exceptional address in Montmartre

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Nestled at the foot of Montmartre, at the corner of rue Caulaincourt and rue de Joseph de Maistre, the Terrass Hôtel got a facelift in 2015. Emblematic of the neighborhood, this historic hotel dating from 1911 has succeeded in combining a very decorative modern while retaining its authentic character from the beginning of the century. But if you hasten to spend a night at the Terrass, it is also for the exceptional view offered by its rooftop over Paris and its wonders. Visit in pictures of a family hotel that has been making travelers dream for more than a century.

Pieces of history on the wall

Terrass Hôtel In the corridors, we notice funny works of art on the wall. Survived from time, advertisements from the beginning of the XXth century proudly display themselves as pieces of history, preciously restored during the works. We love this nostalgic soul that floats in the Terrass Hotel without freezing it in a bygone world.

A design decoration that respects period walls

Terrass Hôtel The Atelier Jérôme Verzegnassi is responsible for the new contemporary Terrass layout, a subtle blend of design and interior architecture. Once again, we like the idea of ​​mixing contemporary design with the brands of the old building, keeping the moldings in the rooms without enclosing them in a falsely authentic 1920s decor.

Bluish and gray, the very chic upper

Terrass Hôtel In the spacious superior room, we love the very chic play of gray and bluish colors. The warm carpet of a very beautiful gray installs an impression of cocoon in the room. On the ceiling, we are captivated by the highly designed and ultra-contemporary chandeliers. Finally, a clean wooden desk provides workers with a pleasant workspace, as decorative as it is functional.

A suite with views

Terrass Hôtel The exclusive Eiffel suite plays the artist's lodge in its luxurious version. In these 30 to 35m², you have a completely remarkable view of Paris and its monuments: the Eiffel Tower of course, but also the Invalides and the Pantheon. The decoration plays the graphics with the plaids and patterned cushions as well as the color contrast, in a spirit typical of the 18th arrondissement.

An artist's bathroom

Terrass Hôtel In the bathroom with contemporary bathtub, we continue our artistic epic in a very theatrical and Parisian setting. Light bulb mirror, cement tiles on the floor and golden taps adjoin the room through a workshop glass in frosted glass.

Penthouse in Montmartre

Terrass Hôtel The hotel also offers overnight accommodation in an exceptional 48m² suite with balcony and breathtaking views. Here, in the Penthouse Terrass, all is beauty for the eyes: the balneotherapy bathroom offers a view of Montmartre and a private sauna completes the luxury of the place. A must !

The restaurant with a view

Terrass Hôtel The hotel bar and restaurant are located on the 7th and last floor. Thanks to their large bay windows, you let yourself be carried away by the magnificent view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Industrial bistro spirit

Terrass Hôtel Here, the decor is typically Parisian and the bistro atmosphere is very present. We love this chic industrial side, supported by a few notes of leather and wood, like the design accessories placed here and there, in a very nice balance.

Terrass terrace

Terrass Hôtel The highlight of the visit, the roof terrace so dear to the spirit of the hotel's creator, invites bar customers to experience the city differently. We like to settle there at nightfall to calmly contemplate the bustling light city.