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Contemporary chic for a New York townhouse

Contemporary chic for a New York townhouse

If New York more frequently evokes vertiginous buildings, the city nevertheless has a few houses that allow some privileged people to create a family cocoon in the heart of Manhattan. The interior design agency Markzeff was thus entrusted with the renovation of a 19th century house with the task of bringing it into our century. Visit in images of the chic and contemporary result.

A classic house

Markzeff / Eric Laignel With its preserved facade, the house presents a classic spirit thanks to an entrance on the street by a superb porch. We thus enter the main room which, as this type of architecture requires, is narrow and very long. The living room then takes place near the window to make the most of the light. The latter is often lacking in longhouses where light only enters from the front and rear.

Brightness highlighted

Markzeff / Eric Laignel Precisely, to manage the light, the architect opted for a large through room: the living room thus opening onto the dining area which itself overlooks the kitchen. The large room thus benefits from the brightness of the two facades of the house. The rear of the house has been redesigned to offer large openings, and thus highlight the lighting. The architect's tip: keep the same parquet throughout the room to offer the feeling of a larger space.

Timeless cuisine

Markzeff / Eric Laignel The kitchen follows the long plan of the house and offers an ultra practical distribution with a central island which organizes circulation. In terms of materials, make way for the timeless with parquet floors, painted wood for the furniture and marble for the worktops.

Furniture reduced to the essentials

Markzeff / Eric Laignel To increase the feeling of space, the interior designer decided to reduce the furniture to the essentials. We limit the space and we optimize the space of this house whose width is not so important. This allows for smoother circulation and also lets light in more easily.

Glass doors

Markzeff / Eric Laignel When the spaces must be delimited without requiring great privacy, the designer opted for glass doors that let light circulate easily. He then chose, as for the windows, an iron frame of industrial spirit which revives the nineteenth past of the building.

A living space on the ground floor

Markzeff / Eric Laignel On the ground floor, the family benefits from a large living room which can be transformed as needed: TV lounge for family moments, a desk for quiet work or even a studio for guests.

A floor reserved for parents

Markzeff / Eric Laignel Above the main living room, the architect transformed the first floor into a master suite with superb dimensions, as shown by the spacious bedroom which opens onto the rear of the house through a window. monumental. The decor is classic using careful materials that warm the atmosphere.

A retro bathroom

Markzeff / Eric Laignel In the bright and chic bathroom, a superb freestanding bathtub and retro materials such as metal, marble and 19th century tiles are highlighted. An exceptional achievement.

A top floor for children

Markzeff / Eric Laignel Finally, the top floor is dedicated to two children who each have a bedroom separated by a living room. Practical rooms, with plenty of storage space, with a warm atmosphere thanks to the materials, especially the textile at the head of the bed. More info: