Copper taps and pipes, it's the right decorative pipe!

Copper taps and pipes, it's the right decorative pipe!

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We take you to visit Parisian and New York lofts, which have adopted the copper trend. An aesthetic, durable and healthy material that, let's face it, has a superb color. Nothing to throw away. We let appear its pipes for a very appreciable industrial effect!

A beautiful industrial faucet

Co-Adaptive Architectures / Peter Dressel Visibly created from scratch, this copper tap brings style to the kitchen of this apartment in the Brooklyn district of New York.

A stylish bathroom

Co-Adaptative Architectures / Peter Dressel Without the bathroom, one finds another version of the copper tap above the sink. The shower head is also attached to a copper pipe. So many exposed plumbing that brings a lot of charm to this otherwise very classic bathroom.

Exposed bricks and colored door

Co-Adaptative Architectures / Peter Dressel In this apartment, we like the exposed brickwork on the walls. Small shocking detail: the color block door which brings character to the whole.

We hide nothing

Co-Adaptative Architectures / Peter Dressel In order to play the rough card as much as possible, the architect of this apartment was careful not to conceal the electrical wires.

A well-divided space

Co-Adaptative Architectures / Peter Dressel Before the Co-Adaptative agency took care of this apartment, he only had one bedroom. By changing its layout, the architects completely transformed it and added an additional room to it.

Copper lighting

Maxime Jansens / Cecile Septet Cap now on the 10th arrondissement of Paris where we find a magnificent loft in an old carpentry of 130 m2. There too, the architect, Maxime Jansens, uses copper without abusing it. Here, copper pipes allow an original lighting of the shelves.

Uncoppered piping

Maxime Jansens / Cécile Septet In the office, the copper lighting of the shelves is topped with large silver pipes. Maxime Jansens, the architect, decided to leave the pipes of the apartment visible.

Original towel warmer

Maxime Jansens / Cécile Septet In the bathroom of our Parisian apartment, the brass pipes take over, in addition to the lighting, the heating. The owners' towels will dry in style on this copper towel warmer.

Copper cladding

Delson or Sherman Architects / Catherine Tighe This is an original siding! We are back in New York, in the house of architect Jeffrey Sherman of the firm Delson or Sherman Architects. The centerpiece of his house: this 6 meter high wall entirely clad in raw copper.