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How to reinvest the top of the fridge in a decorative way?

How to reinvest the top of the fridge in a decorative way?

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The space above the refrigerator is inevitable, yet it is little used and often serves as an unattractive tote. We will prove to you that this small (or large) space can be used in a very decorative way to energize your kitchen and save space behind the stoves. Here are several inspiring pieces that will certainly give you ideas.

Put a fruit basket


To avoid attracting insects in your kitchen and to put color above your fridge, you can install a fruit basket on top of it. However, regularly check that your fruit does not perish because you might not necessarily notice it at height.

A designer wine cellar

Gael's Crafty Treasures Blog

Here is a very simple and very practical idea to save space in the kitchen. If your appliance is built into a wall or structure, you can make a wine cellar that you will place in this recess. Source: Gael's Crafty Treasures Blog

Place a nice bouquet of flowers high up

Mariekke Blog

To bring some poetry to the kitchen, blogger Mariekke had the good idea to put a flowerpot, a green plant and a vintage camera on top of her retro fridge. In the same spirit, you can also install a sculpture or a photo frame. Source: Mariekke Blog

Attach shelves

Leela Cyd Ross

Are you short of space in the kitchen? Sometimes a few extra shelves are enough to store your cookbooks, wine bottles and small utensils. Install these above your refrigerator if it is not very high and place a decorative stepladder to reach your new storage.

Bottles in the kitchen

Julien paintings

In a small kitchen or a studio, there is not necessarily room to store drinks. On a colorful Smeg fridge, you can install a small wine cellar to optimize the space above it and keep your different wines at room temperature. Source: Blog The Painting that changes everything

Have a stuffed peacock!

Beautiful house

It is original to say the least but it has the merit of decorating your room! The peacock is one of the most colorful animals that will give a bestiary style to your kitchen. Quite voluminous, it will find its place perfectly above a low fridge or in a room with high ceilings.

Optimizing the refrigerator

Mom 4 Real

In this country kitchen, the fridge is optimized on all sides! So there are kitchen utensils, flowers and crates on top of it in a rustic and relaxed spirit. Thus, the device does not denote with the wooden storage elements but seems more to blend into the decor. Source: Mom 4 Real Blog

Put away your colored baskets

Yves Town

If you have many colorful bread or fruit baskets but also colorful tupperware that you take for lunch at the office, place them above your fridge to give it a little decorative touch. You will have them close at hand and this will de-clutter your kitchen cupboards.

Store jars and utensils

Cherished Bliss Blog

Are you used to making jams in winter? Or to store your pasta in glass jars? Remember to store these small containers and containers that you only use a few months of the year at the top of your fridge. Add a touch of green with a houseplant that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Source: Cherished Bliss Blog