20 Ikea hacks for kids

20 Ikea hacks for kids

Ikea has always met the expectations, needs and desires of many customers. And this year again, the famous Swedish brand offers very practical products. Today, we offer you to divert and customize 20 of them to give them a unique style. Sober, colorful, wooden or metal, retro or modern, we promise: you will be spoiled for choice!

Rebel pastel

Cook Like A Champion Another customization proposal for this same Latt table and its chairs: a design while painting. Gray and black for the table, coral for the seats. What give a new dimension to the room. Source: Cook Like a Champion

Sleep escalation

Eamonn Linehan / IKEA Hackers In addition to being practical and packed with storage, the Kura bed model from Ikea is capable of accommodating a climbing wall. By drilling holes on its side, you can attach sockets to it. Great, right? Source: Ikea Hackers

A unique stool

Marie La Pirate Is the stool that has been in your living room for a few years already starting to age? The easiest way to give it a second wind is to paint it. Follow the example with this Frosta model from Ikea. Source: Marie La Pirate

Join the useful to the pleasant

Daffodil Design Kill two birds with one stone with these storage spaces, which also serve as a bench. This is undoubtedly the ideal technique for optimizing space when it is not huge. Nice isn't it? Source: Daffodil Design

Softness and storage

Taming Twins Use storage pots initially intended for the kitchen to store your pens. An efficient way to organize your office without leaving all your belongings lying around. We validate! Source: Taming Twins

Rainbow of drawers

Inter Ikea Systems BV 2010 To create such a piece of furniture, superimpose the double drawers and plywood and paint them as you wish. The result is unique and full of originality. Proof that customization has no limits. Source: Ikea

Inner happiness

Monica Karlstein / Skona Hem Back to school in 2016, pastel shades have never been so trendy. You just have to see the decor of this shower room and very cocooning to realize it. When making a makeover, don't neglect the furniture knobs either. Source: MyDomaine


The Decorate Cookie A rolling bedside table, lego plates and double-sided adhesive tape, this is something to make your toddlers shine. With all these toys, a storage box is not too much. The perfect piece of furniture! Source: The Decorate Cookie

Perfect kitchenette

Pear Design Studio Does your child like good products and love playing the merchant? Imagine a stand just for him. A metal bar, a printed sheet, an adhesive slate and a basic storage unit and voila! Source: Pear Design Studio

Fresh & Design

Steph Bondville Here is a modern and colorful decoration made in Ikea! The Linnmon worktop and Oddvald legs from the famous Swedish brand have made it possible to create this latest generation children's desk. Again, the pastel shades bring a more refreshing. Source: Steph Bondville

At table !

Miss Audrey Sue It is well known, children love to play in the kitchen. This Duktig wooden kitchen cabinet by Ikea has all the elements to satisfy the little ones. Once customized with colors and accessories, it is truly magnificent! Source: Miss Audrey Sue

Furniture to do everything

Suburble Use the Raskog cart to store small items that don't fit elsewhere. Thanks to its wheels, this storage space can be brought anywhere in the house. Really practical! Source: Suburble

Snare Drums

Dana Miller / HouseTweaking Integrating crates into a storage unit can greatly facilitate its organization. The proof in photo with this little girl who puts a cloth in one of the lockers. Guaranteed success! Source: HouseTweaking

Curtains 2.0

Honey and Fitz Are simple white curtains too classic for you? No problem. We explain how to make them more fun and more eccentric. Take out the sewing machine and hang a row of colored pompoms on the curtains. Superb! Source: Honey and Fitz

Storage pouf

Natalie Stein / IKEA Hackers Assemble 4 Ikea cubes and add a comfortable seat: you have just created your own ottoman. In addition to being cute, it is very effective thanks to its large storage space. Source: Ikea Hackers


Hey, Let's Make Stuff Who Said Ikea's Trones Shoe Cabinet Wasn't Multifunctional? Here it is used to store filing cabinets and documents in an office space. Efficient to find all your files without looking for them for hours! Source: Hey, Let's Make Stuff


A Little of This, A Little of That Your children love Lego? So they go A-DO-RER this table custom-made for them. Indeed, thanks to two parts storage bins and a board that acts as a base for all constructions, there is enough to crack more than oneā€¦ Source: A Little of This, A Little of That

Doll house

Dane Holweger / Honest to Nod With this piece of furniture, make a dollhouse for your child. Each box will represent a universe of the house thanks to the wallpaper, a tailor-made game that will delight your cherub! Source: Honest to Nod

Color buttons

Ikea To dress up a section of wall and use it wisely, hang colorful LOJSÖN coat hooks everywhere in different shapes and colors and voila! Source: Ikea