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10 ingenious uses of the freezer bag

10 ingenious uses of the freezer bag

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You necessarily have freezer bags at home. But had you ever thought of using them in a completely different way from their primary function? We have selected for you original and ingenious ways to divert the use of the freezer bag. And you will see that this is both practical and decorative! Follow the guide.

Make a real work of art

Can Do Kiddo Blog Painting with your fingers is fun, but our charming blond heads tend to put it everywhere. To avoid this and experience new sensations: place the sheet with paint in a freezer bag. Close everything and spread the paint as you wish, pressing on the bag. Once the masterpiece has been made, take it out to let it dry or use the bag as a frame. To find out everything, visit the Can Do Kiddo blog. Source: Can Do Kiddo Blog

Have a special getaway makeup bag

Blog Pens and pencil skirts Whether you are traveling on the other side of the world or on a trip for a weekend, a freezer bag can be very useful to avoid rummaging through an opaque makeup bag to find the product which you need. And you will pass security checks much more easily. Source: Blog Pens and pencil skirts

Put away your used brushes

Blog I love DIY If you renovate a room, you will certainly spend several days repainting your walls. To avoid constantly washing your brushes and not letting the paint dry, you can store them in a freezer bag for several hours or overnight before resuming your task. Source: Blog I love DIY

Go on a getaway with your children

Blog One Sneaky Moose To prepare everything necessary for a family picnic or a trip to the beach, use freezer bags are very practical for separating everyone's belongings but also clothes, toys, diapers or in case. You will also find much more easily what you will need. Source: Blog One Sneaky Moose

Protect board games

Babble Blog Very often, board games deteriorate over time (especially if you take them on vacation) and in particular small parts such as tickets, cards and tokens. Store them in freezer bags to protect them as much as possible and avoid losing them. Source: Babble Blog

Store your Christmas decorations

Blog Decor Adventures Christmas decorations are always a real headache to put away. To avoid damaging your most delicate Christmas balls but also not to tangle your garlands, you can store each decoration in easily resealable freezer bags. Put everything in the cellar or in a cupboard, which you will take out in December. Source: Blog Decor Adventures

Keep your vegetable broths

Cooking Julia Blog To always have poultry broth in reserve to cook quickly on winter evenings, you can make three movements in two stages. Place your broth in an ice cube tray. Once the ice cubes have formed, store them in a freezer bag. All you have to do is quickly prepare a good hot dish. Source: Blog Cooking Julia

Protect your phone at the beach

Blog One good thing by Jillee The grains of sand and your touchscreen smartphone do not mix. Instead of investing in a rather expensive full-body case, you just have to put your phone in a freezer bag. You will also protect it from splashes and water while being able to use it. Source: Blog One good thing by Jillee

Make a pastry bag

DIY Blog but not only Notice to pastry lovers! You no longer have a pastry bag to bake your Sunday cake? Take a freezer bag and place your frosting at the bottom of an angle before cutting the angle in question. You will no longer have an excuse for not going to the stove! Source: DIY Blog but not only