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10 Urban Knitting inspirations for your home

10 Urban Knitting inspirations for your home

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Long gone are the days when knitting was an activity reserved for our grandmothers. Returning to the front of the urban scene thanks to the impetus of Yarn Bombing or Urban knitting in French - this art form which uses knitting and crochet to embellish the city -, knitting now dresses our cities. Trees, poles, telephone boxes and bicycles: everything goes there… Including the decoration of our interiors where urban knitting is like a decorative bomb. The proof with these 10 inspirations ** Urban Knitting ** which strike the hour of the revolution… of color!

Very urban knit accessories

Anne-Claire Petit Anne-Claire Petit creations take us into a dreamlike world, populated by amazing colorful creatures. Soft toys, cuddly toys and rattles, carefully wrapped in knitwear instantly brighten up the little ones' rooms… Even the grown-ups are jealous!

Cushions wrapped in crochet fabrics

Anne-Claire Petit These are cushions that can stand out! Geometric patterns, hand-crocheted fabrics and shimmering colors warm the living room temperature by a few degrees ... This is the art of creations by Anne-Claire Petit!

100-wire telephone

Hotel Pelirocco Brighton After the cordless telephone, make way for the 100-wire telephone! Designed by Kate Jenkins, this phone, 100% inspired by urban knitting, is one of the centerpieces of the Pelirocco hotel in Brighton. A nice challenge for knitters at heart (attention: Absolute Expert level…)

Over the bedspread

Hotel Pelirocco Brighton Ringard the crochet bedspread? Proof that not with "Do Knit Disturb", the famous pop and cozy room of the Pelirocco hotel in Brighton, entirely decorated in crochet by the artist Kate Jenkins. Here, bedspread, curtains, lamps, cushions and accessories totally in the urban knitting spirit watch over your sleep, not without coloring your dreams with a few rainbow touches…

An all-woolen flowerpot

Sanna & Sania We continue with a planter 100% inspired by urban knitting. Made by the talented Scandinavian designers Sanaa & Sania, this flowerpot surrounded by a pretty colorful patchwork allows you to forge close ties with your young sprout ... It's that she shouldn't catch a cold this winter ! Source:

A multicolored knitted swaddled bench

Sanna & Sania Susanna Zack & Sania Hedengren, interior decorators and authors of "Déco Bohème Chic: Direct from Scandinavia" show us that wool knitting has a bright future ahead of it. Demonstration with this bench that diverts the art of urban knitting brilliantly. The perfect idea to enhance a refined interior with a few touches of joy and good humor well noted.

Very knitted urban bottles

Sanna & Sania Here are bottles that make you want to put a little wool on your decor ... Or how knitting can transform a salvage accessory into a touch of personal, original and 100% cocooning decoration. A creation of the Scandinavian crochet virtuosos Sanna & Sania.

A custom coat rack

Sanna & Sania Putting a little wool on your coat rack without damaging your woolen stockings… This is the idea of ​​this creation signed Sanna and Sania. The heads of the coat rack, customized with colored wool knits in an urban knitting fashion, shake up the house codes discreetly.

Yarn-inspired branches

Georgi Redfern Home-made decorators, economical and easy to make? This DIY is for you. Ingredients: some old branches picked up in the garden, colored bits of wool, a little glue. Preparation: Place your customized yarn bark in a transparent vase. Served on a piece of furniture or a buffet, your inspired yarn branches bring a beautiful natural and colorful touch to your decor! Source: